Let’s face it. Strategies on social platforms change like the wind. What worked one day may not work tomorrow. And if you’ve been struggling with Pinterest, it might be because you’re using outdated tactics which is why today, I’m sharing 3 things you need to STOP doing in order to grow.

3 Things to Stop Doing on Pinterest in Order to Grow

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Just like all the platforms out there, Pinterest has changed a lot over the last 3 years. What used to work to drive lots of traffic seems to have fizzled. And that’s one of the main reasons I started my YouTube channel. I wanted to share CURRENT strategies, things that are working right now for business owners to grow and make money with Pinterest. And that also means sharing with you what’s NOT working and things you shouldn’t be wasting your time on. 

As we stand today, there are 3 things that are like, so 5 years ago, when it comes to Pinterest…the first one?


Hashtags on Pinterest

Hashtags are not searchable! There was a time when they were a thing but as with any platform, the powers that be look at adaptability when it comes to new features. No one was using hashtags as they were intended. Plus, just like on other, ahem, platforms, people were using hashtags that were completely unrelated to their product or content in HOPES of showing up under more popular searches. 

Well, that kind of muddled the water on Pinterest. This is a place that values user trust and if a user types in a search for whole 30 recipes and the search returns pins for, I don’t know, a star wars poster, then that user is going to think Pinterest searches aren’t very reliable and thus, they may not return. And that’s not at all what Pinterest wants. 

Bottom line, save time and cut the hashtags.


Pinterest Group Boards

The 2nd thing we need to stop doing? 

Using Group boards – Now this is debatable depending on who you talk to, but the effectiveness of group boards has severely declined. This is because in a newsbrief about an algorithm update, Pinterest said that they prioritize sharing the content from YOUR website vs. content you save from other people.

After that, a lot of group boards became a dumping ground if you will, a place to save your pins maybe because thousands of people follow that board, but if no one is engaging with those pins, or saving them, then it’s not really benefiting you or the other people in the group. 

Plus, Pinterest also said that you should be pinning to the most relevant boards for your pin. For example, if your pin is about your top 5 favorite holiday candles, you should be saving that to a board about candles! Bottom line here, only use group boards if they are 1) supremely relevant and 2) actively drawing clicks and engagement.


How many times per day to pin on Pinterest

The 3rd and final thing you need to stop doing on Pinterest? 

Pinning  30+ times per day 🙅🏻‍♀️ Just, no. 

Back in the day, the more you pinned, the more your content was seen, the more clicks you got. You could also take one pin and pin it to 30 boards, regardless what the boards were actually about! Uh-huh. 

In today’s Pinterest algorithm world, 5 pins per day, pinned to the most relevant boards for the pins topic will get you far better results than pinning 30 times per day to 30 random boards, (also, your account might get flagged). Most accounts that I manage see the best results with pinning 10-15 times per day.


As a Pinterest Strategist, it’s my job to stay up to date on the very latest when it comes to guidelines and best practices. Which is why my clients are seeing such great results. I will always share what’s working NOW as opposed to out of date strategies that no longer work, or even “click-bait” type content that may get me a lot of traffic, but it’s not really helping you in the long run. 

Keep checking back for more actionable posts to help you make Pinterest marketing EASY for your business.

Until then, happy pinning!