If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’ve at least dabbled in using Pinterest for your business. But maybe you fell off because you either didn’t have the right system or you weren’t seeing the ROI in order to justify it. But did  you know that these 2 things go hand in hand? Consistency and results? 

In this post,  we’re going to cover tips for staying consistent with your Pinterest strategy + why it’s so important that we’re consistent which just might have something to do with your results 🙂

3 Tips for Staying Consistent on Pinterest

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My guess is that a lot of you have at least dabbled in Pinterest but likely called it quits for any number of reasons but usually it boils down to systems and results.

For example, you log on to canva, try to create a pin for your latest product only to stare at your screen for hours. 

Or, maybe you got past the pin design and are ready to schedule your pin, but then have no idea what to write when it comes to your pin title or pin description. So you go searching for keywords to use because you heard that might help and BAM- You just wasted 30 minutes trying to schedule one pin image. All because you don’t really have a process when it comes to Pinterest

Or, what I hear most often is that you just weren’t seeing the results to keep going. The ROI was low so after a few weeks, maybe a month you throw in the towel.

And this, my friends, is exactly what NOT to do.


Pinterest Consistency

Don’t stop after a month! Why? Because at that point, you’re just getting going. The algorithm is learning about who you are and who should be delivering your content. Pinterest does not like the starting and the stopping. Pinterest likes consistency. 

And remember, consistency for you right now, doesn’t have to be pinning 10 brand new pins every single day. Maybe it’s just 1 pin per day – that is 100% OK! Whatever it is, just stay consistent. 

The important thing is that you’re doing the damn thing! Start where you can and stay consistent with it.


How to Stay Consistent on Pinterest

So, how do you do that? How to stay consistent without spending hours upon hours designing, and writing, and researching and scheduling?

And that brings me to our tips for today. There are 3 very specific things you can do that will help you stay consistent, no matter how many times per day, per week or per month you can pin.


1. Do your pre-work up front.

So what is this pre-work? Doing things like keyword research, writing pin titles and descriptions, and creating pin templates that already include your branding and logos will help you save HOURS every single month. 

When you know your keywords, you’re not wasting time researching them when it’s time to write a pin description. And when you’ve already pre-written your pin descriptions, you’re not losing time when you’re ready to schedule your pins. 

The same applies when it comes to designing your pins – when you have templates already designed with your branding, it simply becomes a matter of updating text and adding images. You’re no longer staring at that blank canva project, wondering where to start!

In the post, My Pinterest Time Hack Method, I share with you exactly how to do this pre-work plus how it all comes together to create a Pinterest system or plan that saves you loads of time each month.


2. Use a Project Management Tool

My second tip for staying consistent with Pinterest marketing is to start using a project management tool, like Asana or Trello, and create a Pinterest project with the tasks that you need to complete weekly or monthly. 

I use Asana in my business and have projects for every single one of my clients inside my Pinterest marketing agency. I also have projects for my business projects and marketing and even family projects. Literally I tell my husband, if it’s not in Asana, it’s probably not getting done.


3. Add Your Tasks to your Calendar

And lastly, my final tip for helping you stay consistent? Adding these tasks to your calendar! 

Now if you don’t want to use Asana or another project management tool, you can certainly just add these tasks to a Google calendar and make them repeat monthly or bi-weekly maybe. 

And if you do use Asana, be sure to assign a date to each task and determine whether it should happen weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. 

That’s it! We covered the importance of staying consistent on Pinterest, no matter if that’s 1 pin a week or 10 pins a day, plus 3 tips you can implement this week that will help you do just that. 

Because being consistent = results!

And if you are keen to learn exactly how you can create a Pinterest plan, one that actually saves you time in your business, check out my mini-course, Pinterest Plan on a Page that will help you step-by-step create a plan that works for you!

Until next time, happy pinning!