If you’re a business coach, you’re likely creating content, and courses and ALL THE THINGS you’re supposed to be doing to generate revenue. But in order for that content to get seen, you need traffic. Eyes on your freebies, digital products and services. Eyes on your blog posts to warm them up before converting them. Visits to your coaching website.

No traffic – no growth – no conversion.
Yes, there are 100’s of ways to do this – you can do Lives and post videos in your group, chat in the DM’s  but what about Pinterest?
What about utilizing a platform whose actual design is to drive traffic to your site?

Yep. It is DESIGNED to get people off the Pinterest platform and to your specific piece of content.

Let’s break it down with 5 steps you can take to get more traffic to your coaching website!

5 Steps to Getting More Traffic to Your Coaching Website

Keyword Research

People often ask me what my number one tip is when it comes to Pinterest and it ALWAYS falls back to Pinterest SEO and keyword research. When I start working with a new Pinterest Management client, keyword research is the FIRST thing I do. Why is this? Because in order for your content to be seen and show up in pinners search results, your account needs to be optimized with the keywords that your audience is searching for.

The best way you can do this for your coaching website is to understand your ideal client and what they would be searching for in order to find you. What problem do they have that you can solve?

Head to the Pinterest search bar and type in the topics your ideal client would use to find you. Similar to Google, Pinterest will autofill popular searched terms related to that keyword. These are generally listed in order of popularity. Make a list of the top terms for use on your website as well as on your Pinterest page.

Using these keywords on your website, in your blog post and across your Pinterest profile will help your content rank higher on Pinterest. The higher the ranking, the more opportunity it has to be seen and clicked on, driving the traffic we desire!

Optimize your Account – Pinterest SEO

There’s a reason that keyword research and profile optimization are the first steps I take when working with a new client. Profile optimization is KEY. This is not a step to be missed.

If you’re not optimized, you’re not found.

Consistency is key here in order to grow traffic to your coaching website. For instance, if you write about Instagram marketing, your overall account should reflect this. If your page reflects more baking recipes, your Instagram marketing content will end up ranking lower. See how that works?

Go back to your Keyword list and use those in ALL THE PLACES! :

  • Profile title
  • Profile description
  • Board title
  • Board description
  • Pin titles
  • Pin descriptions
  • BONUS: Use these keywords on your website, blog posts and page url for an even higher ranking

When you optimize the use of keywords across all of these areas, you increase your ranking potential which increases your chance of showing up in user searches.

Create New and Fresh Images

At the beginning of 2020, Pinterest announced some algorithm shifts and updates to how they would be ranking content moving forward.

I’ve talked about this in other blog posts, but what’s important to remember here is that Pinterest is giving higher priority to content that is both NEW and FESH.

  • New = Brand new URL (content) + brand new image never before shared to Pinterest
  • Fresh = Old URL (content that has been shared to Pinterest) + brand new image

The first priority and higher ranking will go to the NEW pins while the second priority will be with FRESH pins.

You may be asking: can I no longer share duplicate pins on Pinterest?

The answer is yes, but with a few stipulations. Try not to share a duplicate pin to the same board more than once in a 12 month period. If you must, then try to space them out no less than 6 months.

Best practices

  • Create multiple pins per blog post to help meet the new and fresh guidelines
  • If sharing to multiple boards, do not share to more than 10 RELEVANT boards. Pin to the most relevant board for that piece of content first.
  • When pinning the same image to a new board, try to keep anywhere from 3-7 days between the two images going out.

Vary your Pin Types

Over the last few months, Pinterest has been implementing some changes. Many users have seen an increase in overall impressions when they are using a pin type that is not the standard static image.

More impressions means more opportunity for engagements and traffic to your coaching website!

I’ve talked about the different pin types before, but they’re definitely worth sharing again:

Now, let’s get creative!

Say you’re a business coach who also records a podcast. When you create your promo image for the episode on Instagram Stories, and use the audio gram snippet, why not use that on Pinterest? Because guess what? That counts as a video pin!

One promo piece that you’re already creating, can now have a dual purpose. And we all like the sound of that.

Bonus, video pins are getting huge distribution right now!


Don’t forget about your analytics! I’m a self admitted numbers nerd so digging into a client’s analytics is one of my favorite things to do. And when read correctly, your analytics can tell you exactly what you should do next.

My best suggestion when it comes to your analytics is to give your audience what they want. What I mean by that is review your analytics, do more of what’s working! if there’s a particular topic that your audience can’t seem to get enough of, write MORE about that topic.

Another way to keep the popular topics circulating in the Pinterest universe is to create fresh images for the content that continually performs well. Again, giving more of what they want….just with a new image:)


Focusing on these areas is key for growth. Be patient when you get started and most importantly, be consistent! Your traffic may not spike overnight, but with these strategies and a little consistency, your traffic WILL begin to grow!

If you’re ready to send more leads to your coaching website through Pinterest, but are still on the fence on whether or not to hire someone, check out my article, 6 reasons to hire a Pinterest manager, to see if you’re ready! If you ARE ready to get started, drop me a line and let me know!

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