5 Ways to use Pinterest for your blog

5 Ways to Use Pinterest for Your Blog

So you’ve started your blog, and your hope is to eventually make money from it and turn it into a thriving online business. You’ve heard that Pinterest is all the rage, but you’re not sure how to use Pinterest for your blog. Sound familiar?

Pinterest is a search engine and visual traffic generator. It is DESIGNED to get people off the Pinterest platform and to your specific piece of content.

Today I’m going to share my top tips on how to use Pinterest for your blog but before we get started, there are a few things you need to ensure are set up properly in order for your account to prosper.

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Account Set up Checklist – Pinterest for your blog

Before you start promoting your blog on Pinterest, you need to ensure that your account is set up properly. Below is a quick start checklist to follow:

  1. Create a Business account – A Pinterest business account is important because it will give you access to analytics. Pinterest Analytics will show you how many people are seeing your content and also the number of people clicking through to your site
  2. Claim your website – When you claim your website on Pinterest, you will get a little check next to the URL on your profile. This lends more credibility to your site and let’s visitors know you’re legit!
  3. Enable Rich Pins – Visit the Pinterest Developerssite to learn more about Rich pins and then learn how you can validate them by adding metadata to your website
  4. Add details and create your profile page – Focus on the following areas: add profile photo, add profile name/title (your name or your blog name), add keyword rich profile description, add boards related to your niche (don’t forget the board description!)
  5. Optimize your profile with keywords – You want to do some SEO and keyword research here. For example, if you blog about home decor, you will want to use keywords related to what you are writing about and what people may be searching for, i.e. modern home decor, modern couches, modern style, etc.

Once you have your account set up an optimized, you’re ready to use Pinterest for your blog! Let’s dive in to some tips on how to use Pinterest as a blogger.

Create Multiple pin images that lead to a single post

Pinterest loves NEW and FRESH images. This means when you use Pinterest for your blog, a new or fresh image should lead to 1) a new blog post never shared to Pinterest before or 2) a blog post that has been shared to Pinterest before but with a new image.

For each blog post, try creating 5-10 pin images to increase your reach across the platform. Then, each month, check your analytics for your top performing articles and then create 2-3 more images for those.

The more fresh new pins you have, the greater the distribution across Pinterest.

  • New pin = new URL + new image
  • Fresh pin = URL that has been shared before + new image

PRO TIP: Create 10-20 pin templates in bulk (I love using Canva!) to make pin design quick and easy.

Break Down Your Blog Post

If your article is titled, “5 Ways to use Pinterest for your Blog”,  then you can create pins for that post that are titled with each tip.

For example, if tip one is “Create Multiple pin images that lead to a single post”, then you can create a pin image with this specific title, then create 4 more for the additional tips.

And if you want to get EXTRA saucy, you can create MULTIPLE pin images for each tip!

Direct Traffic to your freebies, content upgrades

If you are a blogger who is growing an email list, then this one’s for you!

From Pinterest you want to direct your traffic to your juiciest blog posts that promote your free offer or content upgrade. The blog post should provide TONS of value, making your reader want to provide their email address for the freebie or upgrade that provides even MORE value.

Generally, you would use an opt in form on these pages. I like to include mine in several different areas throughout the post. You can even create a “pop-up” type of opt in form for that page.

Some content upgrade ideas include:

  • Checklist
  • Cheat sheets
  • Quick start guide

Use Different Types of Pins

Try creating a variation of pin types to get more eyes on your blog posts. The 5 different pin types are as follows (and I’ve included a link to each!):


Use Group boards and/or Tailwind

To gain more traction on your account, try sharing your posts to relevant Pinterest Group boards and if you use Tailwind to schedule your pins, try Tailwind Tribes as well.

Both group boards and tribes are niche specific places with multiple collaborators, sharing their similar content with other members.

Using group boards and Tailwind Tribes can extend your reach even further and is a no brainer when you’re just starting out. When you create high quality pins with the right keywords for your audience, there is a higher likelihood that they will be seen and shared across the Pinterest platform. More impressions means more opportunity for clicks which is the main metric we’re after.

As you can see, there’s are so many ways to use Pinterest as a blogger….which is another reason why I love this platform so much. There’s always variety and by understanding and knowing your audience, you’ll be able to determine which way works best for you!

If you’re ready to monetize your blog through Pinterest, but are still on the fence on whether or not to hire someone, check out my article, 6 reasons to hire a Pitnerest manager, to see if you’re ready! If you ARE ready to get started, drop me a line and let me know!

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