Have you ever found yourself staring at a blank document in Canva, unsure of how to start designing pins for Pinterest? If so, you’re not alone. Many people struggle with graphic design, especially when it comes to creating eye-catching pins. But fear not, because in today’s blog post, I’m going to share my easy Pinterest pin design system that will teach you how to batch create Pinterest pins. The one that will have you creating five pins in just five minutes!

Easy Pinterest Pin Design System

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Give me a HECK YES if graphic design is just not your cup of tea. Hold please while I go click because I’m right there with you. In fact, the pin design aspect of Pinterest management is one of the things that initially held me back from niching into Pinterest marketing. 


Y’all I went to school for hospitality management and marketing – and nowhere in that curriculum was anything about graphic design. 


Fortunately, platforms like Canva have made designing pins, flyers, and even YouTube thumbnails much easier. However, without a simple pin design system, you may still find yourself starting from scratch or reinventing the wheel each time you sit down to design.

Let’s dive into the steps of my easy Pinterest pin design system.


How to Batch Create Your Pinterest Pins

Step 1: Create 10-20 Pin Templates:

Begin by designing 10-20 pin templates that reflect your branding colors, logos, and fonts. These templates serve as a foundation for your pins, making it easier to create new designs. When it’s time to design a pin, you can simply add photos, update text, and make minor adjustments to font sizes, saving you from starting from scratch.


Step 2: Upload Your Images:

Before you start designing, ensure that you have the images you plan to use already uploaded to Canva. Whether you’re using stock photos or product images, having them readily available in a dedicated folder within Canva speeds up the design process. No more searching for images on your computer and then uploading them to Canva; they’re already there, waiting to be dropped into your design.


Step 3: Plan Your Pins:

Know exactly which products or content you’re designing pins for. To save time, use a content or product aggregation sheet (learn more about that here!). This spreadsheet allows you to track your products or content URLs and write pin titles and descriptions for each one. Before designing pins, review the spreadsheet and highlight or note the content or products you will be creating pins for. Having this document open during the design process helps you determine the appropriate text and titles to use.


OK, let’s summarize the pin design process:

  1. Create 10-20 templates in your own branding
  2. Ensure all images are uploaded to Canva.
  3. Open your tracker to know what you’re designing for, and start creating your pins.


Still not convinced that you can quickly design pins in bulk? I show you exactly how to do this inside my program, Pinterest Plan on a Page. In this training, I teach you how to create five pins in just five minutes!

By following this easy pin design system, you can design pins quickly for your business.

OK, I promised to show you that pin design, even for the graphic design challenged, can be quick and easy! If pin design has been holding you back from launching a Pinterest marketing strategy for your business, I challenge you to start implementing the steps I covered in this blog post. For a complete time-saving Pinterest marketing system, check out my post on the Pinterest Marketing Time Hack Method that cut my Pinterest time in half! 


Until next time, happy pinning!