You know you need to grow your email list as a business owner but what exactly do you need to do in order to grow your list with Pinterest? This post will give you 3 actionable steps to take in order to grow you email list with Pinterest!

3 Things You Need to Do to Grow Your Email List with Pinterest

If you’ve spent any time in the online business world, you’ve likely heard a lot about the importance of having an email list. But if you’re a new business owner, you might be unsure of exactly how to grow your email list, or even where to start. 

Unlike your content on Instagram or Facebook (which could go away at any given time) your email list is something you OWN. And when you grow your email list, you have your own tribe of loyal followers, ready to purchase from you at any moment.

In a previous article I shared 3 ways you can grow your email list by using Pinterest. But today, I thought I’d back up a bit and share the 3 things you need to do to grow your email list with Pinterest….WITHOUT paid ads! 

Let’s jump in, shall we?

 1. Create Valuable Content 

Creating valuable content is absolutely key if you want to grow your email list. You can create 100 blog posts about your given topic but it has to provide an abundance of value if you want to convert those readers into subscribers. 

I like to start with my ideal client and determine what kind of topics are going to attract them to my blog. What knowledge do I want them to take away from reading a particular post? And ultimately, what will convert them into subscribers?

I like to use this checklist when creating content or blog posts:

  • It should target your ideal customer
  • Make sure it speaks to their pain points
  • It should help them solve a problem
  • Make it actionable
  • Connect it with your offer

Value, value, value! Make them say “WOW. If her free stuff is this good, I bet her paid stuff is amazing.” 

And by connecting it with your lead magnet (freebie opt-in) and your offer, you’re helping them go from A to Z all in one post, all while providing the juiciest bit of information you can about your given topic. So that when they reach the end of that post, they can’t wait to subscribe!

2.  Optimize your Pinterest Account 

“If you’re not optimized, you’re not found.” – Me

If you want to grow your email list by utilizing Pinterest, your ideal clients have to be able to find you. And in order to find you, your profile has to be optimized with the right keywords that target your audience. Since Pinterest is a visual search engine, SEO and keyword optimization is just as important as the SEO optimization of your website.

You need to be using targeted keywords from your niche across your profile and pins so that your ideal customer can find you. 

To understand what keywords you should be using, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What would my ideal customer be searching for in order to find me?
  • What are the main topics I write about?

Use the answers from those questions and search right on Pinterest to see what keywords come up. Once you know your keywords, use them in the following areas on your profile to optimize your account:

  • Profile title
  • Profile bio
  • Board titles
  • Board descriptions
  • Pin Title
  • Pin descriptions 
  • Image text of your Pin

When you have keywords in these key areas, not only are you boosting the reach of your content, you’re also increasing the chances that your ideal customer will find you.

3.  Pin to your landing pages and blog posts 

Now that your Pinterest is optimized with appropriate keywords and you have created your value packed content, creating pins that lead to that content or a landing page is the final piece of the puzzle.

In order to grow your email list with Pinterest, you need to create pins that lead to the blog posts and landing pages that have your related lead magnets. By pinning to your valuable content, you are guiding the reader to continue taking the next step:

  1. Pinterest search (by your ideal customer)
  2. Your Pin (because your profile is optimized)
  3. Amazing blog post that is everything they were looking for and more
  4. Lead Magnet or value add freebie related to the content

If you connect all of the pieces correctly, the next logical step for them is to sign up for your freebie. And BAM, you have gained a new subscriber!

By implementing these 3 things, you can begin to grow your email list with Pinterest! And when done correctly with a strategy behind it, you can do so on auto pilot.

If you’re already creating amazing, valuable content, but need help with the optimization and strategy part, check out my Services to see how I can help!  

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