3 ways to grow your email list with Pinterest, Summit Virtual Solutions. Want to grow your email list but not sure how to get started? In this post I'm sharing 3 ways you can use Pinterest to grow your email list to increase sales and revenue in your business.

If you’ve done any research about online business marketing, you’ve likely stumbled across the importance of building an email list. It’s true! Unlike your content on Instagram or Facebook (which could go away at any given time) your email list is something you OWN. And when you grow your email list, you have your own tribe of loyal followers, ready to purchase from you at any moment. 

But, what’s the best way to do this? If you haven’t already guessed, it’s Pinterest! Yes, this visual search platform is a powerhouse when it comes to building your list. Today, I’m going to share 3 ways you can use Pinterest to grow your email list and why you should get started today!

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3 Ways to Grow your Email List Using Pinterest

Option 1: Send traffic to your Freebie landing page

When you host your freebie on its own landing page, you’re giving readers instant access to your opt-in content. The direct landing page has only the content or opt-in you’re promoting, essentially giving readers one choice. This page can also be branded, giving continuity to the overall look and feel. 

To send readers from Pinterest, you need to create a pin image (I love Canva!) showcasing your freebie item and when uploading to Pinterest, you want to use the URL that directs readers straight to the landing page. If they’ve clicked through, they’re interested in your content and now you’ve made it super easy for them to enter their email and receive the item they’re looking for! 

Option  2: Send traffic to your Blog/ Video/ Podcast: Content Upgrade

Who doesn’t love a good Content Upgrade?! When it comes to growing your email list, content upgrades offer a great incentive for your audience and is another easy way to grow your email list. But how is this different from your general freebie or lead magnet? 

The content upgrade is a free bonus for your audience that directly relates to the blog/ video/ podcast they’ve landed on. Essentially, it is an upgrade because it’s providing even more value to what they’re currently seeing. 

Then just as before, you want to create a pin image for the original piece of content (blog post/ video/ podcast) that relates to the content upgrade you wish to promote. Generally, you would use an opt in form on these pages. I like to include mine in several different areas throughout the post. You can even create a “pop-up” type of opt in form for that page. 

Some content upgrade ideas include:

  • Checklist
  • Cheat sheets
  • Quick start guide

Way 3: Send traffic to your webinars, online trainings, free courses or summits

If you’re a course creator, or someone who provides online training or free courses, this is a no brainer! Just as before, you want to create amazing pins and upload them to Pinterest, linking them to your high end content. Ideally, you would have a welcome sequence for this content that leads your audience down the path to purchase.

When creating your pin, always include a call to action. In the case of the type of content in this section, your call to action could be “free webinar”, “free training” or “free course/summit”. 

Pro Tip: Always do your keyword research first before creating your pin! Know what your audience is searching for and use those keywords in your pin title, pin description, pin image and even on the URL you’re linking to. This helps Pinterest rank your content higher, putting it right in front of your ideal customer, and making it even easier to grow your email list.


There are SO many ways you can use Pinterest to grow your email list but most importantly, it should be one of the first steps in your funnel. This is where you get to educate them, get to know them and build know, like and trust. Once you have that, then you’ll have a list of loyal followers that convert to loyal buyers! 

Now that you have 3 ways you can use Pinterest to grow your email list, now check out 3 things you need to DO to grow your email list with Pinterest!