If you’re a blogger and have done any searching on Pinterest about your Pinterest strategy, you know that Pinterest management is an actual career! A sort of “do it for you” service when it comes to your scheduling and strategy. But WHY hire a Pinterest manager and how do you know if you’re ready for one? Today I’m sharing 6 reasons to hire a Pinterest Manager for your business. Let’s dive in!

6 Reasons to Hire a Pinterest Manager

You don’t know where to start

You’ve got a business profile, yes! Go girl! 

But now what? 

How many boards do you need? What do you name them? How many pins should you start with? If you’ve ever asked yourself these questions (and more) you could definitely benefit from working with a Pinterest Manager. 

As a Pinterest Manager, I’ve taken loads of courses and understand best practices when it comes to setting up your profile. There’s more to it than just pinning amazing pins. Understanding the basics like where to put your keywords, how to structure your profile title, claiming your website and understanding Rich Pins are all pieces of the puzzle. 

You want to see results

You’ve read ALL the blog posts on Pinterest strategy, implemented different tactics, yet the needle still isn’t moving. Sound familiar? That’s because the same strategy that might work for “ABC Blog” may not work for you. 

Let’s let that sink in for a minute…

Ok, I’m back. And I’ll repeat. There is no one size fits all strategy when it comes to Pinterest. And if someone is telling you otherwise, it should give you pause. Each account and business is different which is why working with a Pinterest manager, who is trained in different niches, SEO and keywords, can ultimately benefit your account. At the end of the day, we’re trained to research and uncover where your account may be lagging and what changes to implement to see results.

Staying up to date

We all know this. Social media platforms make changes to their algorithms like you and I change our hair! Do we need to chop off 5 inches at a time and dye it red? Nope. But hey, let’s shake things up anyway!

Pinterest is no different. They made a BIG change at the beginning of 2020, announcing that their home feed would now prioritize content that is both RECENT and RELEVANT. I could spend days talking about what these mean but my point here is, as a business owner, you’re already wearing 1,000 hats. While you’re focusing on building your brand and getting clients, you may not even have known about this change. Or maybe you did but didn’t have time to implement it. When you hire a Pinterest manager, you can let go of the ever changing landscape and trust that we got you!

New clients

Pinterest is a great platform for finding new clients. In fact, 89% of pinners use Pinterest in their path to purchase. What’s more is that 97% of those searches are unbranded, meaning they aren’t searching for Nike tennis shoes! They’re open minded.

But how do they find you?

SEO and keywords. Now, if you’ve done any SEO for your website, you know that this is tedious and time consuming. However, it’s a step that is necessary if you’re going to succeed on Pinterest. 

When I start working with a new client, the first step I take is to audit their current Pinterest account (if they have one) and then start my keyword research for their niche. ALL. THE. KEYWORDS. From there, you can optimize the profile description, board descriptions and even future pins. When it comes to implementing your future strategy, half the work is already done. To find clients on Pinterest, you need to know and understand what they’re searching for and use those keywords to your advantage.


When I decided to become a Pinterest manager, I made a pact with myself to work with different types of businesses so I could learn all I could about what may work for different niches. One of my first eCommerce clients shared with me her Pinterest strategy up to that point: pin for a few weeks, forget a few weeks, then pin a few weeks again. Why? Because as the business owner, she was pulled in 100 different directions at any given time. She didn’t have the time to focus on pinning regularly when she had product launches, Amazon sales and shipping to worry about!

Consistency is keeeeeeey on Pinterest. Not only that, but you have to STICK WITH IT. When I start working with a new client, I recommend a minimum 3 month commitment to see growth. Generally it takes at least that long to see any action. And if not, I change it up and try again. 


Do you spend time reviewing and analyzing your Pinterest and Tailwind analytics? These are two areas that need a good set of eyes each month as both help you understand what’s working and what’s not. 

Pinterest analytics helps you analyze pins, measure traffic and understand what your audience wants. A (very thorough) monthly analytics report is included in each of my monthly Pinterest management packages. The more accurate information you get of what works and what does not, the less time you will waste creating blog posts or products that are not valuable to your target audience. 

Ultimately, working with a Pinterest manager will help you make informed marketing decisions regarding your business. If you’re already seeing a lot of traffic from Pinterest, you can still benefit from someone to help maintain that growth and identify additional strengths and weaknesses. 

If you’re ready to get more traffic from Pinterest, or if you’re just interested in learning more, drop me a line and let me know!