It’s December 😱 How did we get here so fast?! I’m still trying to figure it out.

But to kick off the final month of the year, I thought I’d do something a little different and put together a (treat yourself) girl boss gift guide! A compilation of my home office favorites!

Over in Instagram, I get a lot of questions about things like my keyboard, mouse, coffee warmer😊 So I thought I’d put them all together in one place that you can refer to, and even perhaps treat yourself to a little something for the holidays. Something to help you kick off 2024!

Let’s jump into my home office faves!

female entrepreneur gifts and work from home office favorites


Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse

I get the most questions about my pink keyboard and mouse! My primary computer is a laptop which is connected to a bigger 2nd screen. When I’m at my desk, this keyboard and mouse is a must. They connect to the computer with a single USB dongle (not 2!!) so you’re only taking up 1 USB port for both! The mouse uses 1 AA battery and the keyboard, a single AAA. Because they go to “sleep mode” when not in use, I get a lot of use out of a single battery.


Desktop Coffee warmer

This was a gift from my bestie and I absolutely love it! She said she got tired of watching me go back and forth to the microwave to warm up my coffee everyday🤣 I mean, I was at least a 4 time, re-warmer LOL. This one has 3 heat settings and an automatic shut off. It also blinks when it’s off but still hot. Great if you’ve got little ones around.


Space heater

If you live where it’s cold, or even if you’re in the south like me but your house is always freezing in the winter….a small space heater for your office is a MUST! Y’all, when I’m too cold, my hands are freezing making it difficult to type. Having this little bad boy on keeps my office, and my hands, nice and cozy throughout the day. Plus, I don’t have to crank the house heat (and our gas bill) which keeps my hubby happy 😊


Cozy slippers

These pair well with the space heater note above. My feet are always cold, even with thick socks. These are AMAZING! I they’re mistaken for UGG’s quite often. My favorite thing about them is that they are hard sole which means they’re indoor and outdoor. I can take Lucy out for a quick potty break and grab the mail without ever changing my shoes!


Desktop organizer

If you like a clean and organized desk, this cute desktop organizer is perfect. It holds more than enough pens and pencils and the little drawer holds way more than you think. I keep a variety of things in mine like, pens, scissors, sticky notes, AirPods, lipgloss and my current journal.


Whiteboard wall calendar

I am 1000% a visual person! I HAVE to have my calendar visual at all times. I think this started back in my corporate days but still holds true. Plus, I love the fresh start of a new month by wiping the board and starting fresh. I have mine hanging in front of my desk, just a little to the left so I can glance at it quickly as emails or messages come in about availability for certain dates. Yes, I still keep my electronic calendar (Google Calendar is my go to), but I still love having this here for a quick glance at the month.


And there you have it! My work from home favorites which also make a great gift guide! Treat yourself this holiday season, or gift your business bestie with some cute work from home gifts she’s sure to love!

If you have any other work from home office favorites, drop me a line let me know! I’m always looking for new home office goodies!

Happy holidays from my fam to yours!


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