How Pinterest ads can accelerate your growth

If you’ve spent any time on social media lately, you’ve likely seen an ad (or 10) as you scroll along. Depending on your initial purpose on a particular platform, you either want to engage with the ad or just keep scrolling.

Which, in my opinion, is why Pinterest ads are different! Since Pinterest is a search and discovery tool, when you’re on the platform, you’re already in a different state of mind than say if you hopped on Facebook. On Pinterest, you are in discovery mode….you’re likely looking for inspiration or for the answer to a problem. Whereas on Facebook, you’ve opened it up to check in on your friend’s new baby, or your cousin’s new house project. You’re not going to Facebook to find dinner recipes or how to start your own business – yet you may be inundated with these types of ads based on your previous search history. 

See the difference?

In this post, I’m sharing how Pinterest ads can accelerate your growth and will also answer the question, “are Pinterest ads worth it?”. 

Let’s jump in!


Pinterest targeting allows you to target not just one audience, but several, based on your product or overall goal. Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you sell gift boxes and you have a “Congratulations” gift box that you want to promote. You want to capture the people buying gifts for graduation but also people who are celebrating retirement. 

We create 2 separate ad designs with different titles (one targeting the graduation buyers and one for the retirement buyers). Then we use those designs within different audience groups in your campaign. One audience would be for the grad buyers and the other for the retirement buyers. You can refine each audience even further by using appropriate keywords for each group. 

Warm and cold audiences

Do you have a large email list? No email list? You can target both warm and cold audiences with Pinterest ads depending on your overall goal. For instance, you can use keywords only targeting a cold audience that has never interacted with your content OR you can create a warm audience with your email list or website visitors. 

Guaranteed Visibility

Pinterest has been a long time go-to for organic traffic and growth for online business owners. And yes, when your profile is SEO’d properly and you are using keywords in all the right places, your pins can show up organically in a users search results.

But with Pinterest ads, you are guaranteeing that they will see your pin. Even more, they don’t necessarily have to search in order to find your ad. I’ll explain.

Going back to the gift boxes. If I’m a Pinterest user, and I search often for gifts or gifting ideas, the gift box ad can show up right in my home feed, without having to search for it. This again goes back to targeting where we can target a specific interest on Pinterest, interests like gifting for instance. 

Why Pinterest Ads Work and How They Are Different

Pinners are on a journey. They’re ready to buy sometimes, but often they’re in discovery mode. They’re looking for answers….likely, answers to a problem that YOU help solve. 

For instance, when you promote your freebie as the solution to their biggest challenge, they’re going to see it and they’re more likely to sign up. Why? Because they went to Pinterest with the intent to discover a solution. Not to check in on friends and family:) See the difference?

When I’m on Pinterest and searching, I’m already in the mindset of finding a solution to the problem I have. I am going to be FAR more likely to hand over my email address in exchange for your amazing solution than had I been on Facebook scrolling through pictures of my friend’s new baby 🙂 Since I’m not going to Facebook with a discovery frame of mind, I’m far less likely to hand over my email address or make a purchase. In fact, I feel like I was interrupted. 

Has this happened to you?

And this brings me to my next point.

Pinterest Ads Are Meant to Inspire

Have you ever seen an ad on Pinterest? It looks like this…

Pinterest ads don’t stand out like a sore thumb, they look good in the feed. They aren’t there to interrupt you, they’re designed to show up in applicable and useful places to make it seamless for the user. Again, this means they’re more likely to convert because THEY SEARCHED FOR IT.

With ads you’re just making sure your pin is front and center of that search.

Key Takeaways

Bottomline: Do Pinterest ads work to accelerate your growth? YES! 

  1. We can target exactly who we want and multiple audiences within the same campaign
  2. We can target warm and cold audiences
  3. We are guaranteeing visibility of our freebie or product to our ideal customer
  4. Ads on Pinterest are more likely to convert because your audience there is already in search and discovery mode. They’re looking for the solution to the problem you can solve. 


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