If you’ve spent any time on Pinterest researching how to become a Pinterest Manager or Pinterest VA, you’ve likely stumbled upon a slew of different pins about it, probably even a few of my own, like 6 Services You Can Offer as a Pinterest Manager or How to Become a Pinterest Manager!

But this post isn’t about just becoming a Pinterest manager. It’s about the one service that can make you the most money and profit without taking up all of your time. I’m talking about being a Pinterest Ads Manager!

Last summer I took a good look at my business: where was my revenue coming from, what services were most popular and also, what brought in the most PROFIT meaning where was the best margin? What brought in the most money but took the least amount of my time? And shockingly, it was my Pinterest Ads clients who won out.

So let’s break it down and look at what exactly a Pinterest Ads Manager does and also how to get started.

What does a Pinterest Ads Manager do?

As a Pinterest Ads Manager, you are responsible for the strategic implementation of a client’s Pinterest ad campaigns. This is the full strategy that includes the set up, creation, launch and

management of the campaigns.

With organic growth drastically changing in the online space, more and more businesses are turning to ads, and they’re looking for an expert to manage them successfully!

Job duties when it comes to managing your client’s campaigns may look like the


  1. Creating the ad account
  2. Setting up their Pinterest tag (pixel) for tracking
  3. Creating custom audiences
  4. Designing ad creatives (don’t let this intimidate you!)
  5. Determining overall ad budget
  6. Setting up their ad campaign
  7. Optimizing their campaign
  8. Monthly reporting on campaign performance
  9. Maintenance campaign management of long running campaigns
  10. Making suggestions that will optimize performance of ad account
  11. Depending on your client’s budget, working on behalf of the client, with a Pinterest Ads representative for optimal campaign success


How to Become a Pinterest Ads Manager

  1. Learn Pinterest Ads

First things first, you gotta learn Pinterest Ads. Not only is it important to learn the basics of campaign structure and launch, you have to practice your skills. See what works and what doesn’t.

Pinterest ads are completely different than Ads on Facebook or Instagram and it’s important to know that the strategies you use on other platforms won’t necessarily work on Pinterest. As a search engine, it’s completely different.

The right strategy is key to finding success for your clients. I generally use a full funnel strategy approach and this is what Pinterest recommends as well.

And you’re in luck because this is exactly what I teach inside my program, Pinterest Ads Manager Academy!

What if you could work from home and still make as much money (or more) as a full time 9-5? Pinterest Ads Manager Academy is an easy to follow program that includes everything you need to know to become a sought after Pinterest Ads Manager that makes $5k++ per month.

Leaning into only offering Pinterest Ads Management to my clients literally changed my family’s life and how we live it. I created Pinterest Ads Manager Academy out of a passion to help other women do the same. I want everyone to experience the same freedom, flexibility and income this disciple as allowed for me!

>>Check out the step-by-step Pinterest Ads Management program here<<

2. Start with a Plan!

Have you ever heard the phrase, ” If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”?? It’s one of my go- to’s because I LOVE a good plan. Flying by the seat of my pants and being spontaneous, no thank you!

For me personally, I find that if I don’t have a plan, I waste so much time spinning my wheels trying to figure out what to do next. So in the beginning, your plan may look like

  1. Deciding who you want to work with. What do they do, what are their interests, do they love dogs?! Write it all down.
  2. Setting up the foundations of your business – So registering with your state via an EIN or employee identification number, LLC or sole proprietor
  3. Set up your systems and processes – things like how you will contract with your clients, invoicing onboarding and project management

3. Find Clients

Last but not least, you need clients!

Have you heard of Instagram, Facebook, Upwork or Fiverr? Yeah? Well, they’re ALL places you can find Pinterest ads clients ready to pay for your services.

Networking is another really great way to find clients. Doing this in the online space is a little different but what worked amazingly well for me in the beginning was virtual COFFEE CHATS.

This helped me not only sign more clients, it helped my overall visibility! It helped my brand awareness. Because one connection, one chat, can lead to another. This is where my referral base really started to grow.

And lastly cold pitching. Now I know this may not be the most popular way to find clients but when I started out, this was how I signed 80% of my customers! So I can assure you there is a right way to do it and when done correctly, it definitely works! This is where I like to remind people that sales is just a conversation!

If you want to find clients quickly, put client outreach tasks on your calendar and make them happen weekly! You’ll be amazed at what will happen when you really commit to this. If I can go from 0-3 clients in just 2 months, I know you can do the same.

How much does a Pinterest Ads Manager Make

Let’s face it, digital ads are our future! In 2023, businesses spent $3 Billion on social media advertising and in 2024, that number is expected to surpass the $4 Billion mark!

Because of this, online advertising is a highly sought after discipline. Which means those who master this craft, can charge a premium for their services.

And specifically with Pinterest, because of the way the ads algorithm works, it takes less time to manage ads than organic management (on Pinterest).

More money + Less time = More profit

More money in the bank + less time at your computer = more time to do all the things you love.

This is exactly how my family and I were able to travel for over 2.5 months last year.

Additionally, Pinterest Ads are an untapped market for A LOT of industries. While the cost of Meta Ads continues to increase, business owners are looking for ways to diversify their ad spend and get better results.

If I had a penny for every time a client said they were shifting dollars to Pinterest because they were over Facebook…🤯

Most Pinterest Ads Managers are making anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 per month 🤯

If you are offering Pinterest ads management, $1000 per month, per client should be your baseline! Remember, this is a PREMIUM service and your prices should reflect that. At $1000 minimum, just 5 clients and you’re hitting $5k per month! Only want 4 clients? Then price your services at $1,250.

Other things to consider when creating packages:

  1. How many campaigns per month will you manage?
  2. Will you design the ad creative or do they have a team for that?
  3. Are you including full ad account set up (Pinterest tag set up, catalog, etc)?
  4. Are you including a monthly client call or will they just receive a monthly report?

All of these are things you need to consider and decide upon when putting together your package. The last thing you want is a client scheduling a weekly check up call with you when that’s not included in your package (speaking from experience here!). Being as clear as possible about what’s included helps set boundaries with your clients from the start.

NOTE: Inside Pinterest Ads Manager Academy we cover pricing, financials and and everything you need to include in your Pinterest Ads management package (pricing calculators included) 🙌🏻


To wrap up I’ll leave you with one last thought.


Zero was where I started. I had zero experience in digital marketing. Zero understanding of how Pinterest Ads worked. Zero knowledge about ad strategy, design, ROAS or any of the other ad tech words you hear thrown around.

But I KNEW there was demand for Pinterest ads and SO much value in learning this in-demand skill.

So I studied, I tested, I compared and I tested some more until I learned how Pinterest ads worked best and how to create a strategy that works for each individual business and their individual needs!

All this to say, here really is no experience necessary. Is it helpful to have a little understanding about Pinterest as a platform and how it’s a visual search engine, sure. But you do not need to be proficient in complicated organic Pinterest marketing strategies in order to create, launch and manage successful ad campaigns.

There is space for you here!

Questions? Hit me up on Instagram or shoot me an email. I ALWAYS reply. Promise 🥰

How to become a Pinterest ads manager