How to become a Pinterest Manager without any experience

If you’ve landed here, my guess is that you’re at least a little curious about how to become a Pinterest Manager or Pinterest VA🙂 And hopefully, you found me from Pinterest! I’m pretty sure about these things because, just 4 short years ago, I was in your exact same shoes. Searching for something I could do at home that gave me more flexibility + time for my family and money for us to do the things we loved to do.

After months of searching and weeks of taking classes about being a Social Media Manager, I stumbled upon Pinterest Marketing and from that moment on, never looked back! I’m here to to tell you that without a doubt, this business has changed my family’s life for the better. So if you’re looking for something similar, keep reading more about how to become a Pinterest manager so you can finally ditch the 9-5 for the time and flexibility you’ve been dreaming of!

My Journey

If you’re new here, HI! And welcome! My name is Erica and I’m an 18 year corporate 9-5 DROP OUT turned Pinterest Marketing Agency owner. And if you would have told me 4 years ago that I’d be here, doing what I’m doing now, I probably would have laughed in your face😆 

I had the vision to start my business all the way back in 2018, but months of researching, doubting myself and harping on some unattainable perfection, delayed me from officially starting until June 2019. 

That month, I invested in my first Pinterest manager course, filed paperwork for my business in July and by the end of September, I had landed my very first client! All while still working full time at my 9-5. By October, I had 3 monthly retainer clients with contracts through January. 

Then, Covid happened. And just like everyone, our lives were flipped upside down. 

But while Covid was a curse for most, it was also a blessing. The company I was working for at the time was greatly affected by the pandemic and I had the opportunity to take a leave of absence. I used that leave of absence to go ALL IN on my Pinterest business. And I did. I hired an amazing mentor, went all in on finding clients and was able to go full time by September. Buh-bye 9-5 life! 

What is a Pinterest Manager

To start, a Pinterest Manager is NOT a social media manager! A Pinterest Manager specializes in helping their clients use Pinterest as a marketing platform to drive traffic, brand visibility, engagement, and ultimately, SALES.

Their main goal is to help drive traffic to their client’s website through strategic efforts that include but are not limited to:

  • Creating scroll-stopping pins that speak to their audience
  • Optimize their Pinterest profile (boards and pins) with the use of keywords and Pinterest SEO optimization
  • Focused keyword use, targeting the client’s audience
  • Scheduling pins to specified boards
  • Monthly reporting

Some specific Pinterest Manager services and packages may include:

  • Monthly account management
  • Initial Account Set up
  • Pinterest Pin Design
  • Pinterest Account Audit
  • Pinterest Account Clean up (SEO optimization)

Most in-demand Pinterest Manager Service

The #1 and most in-demand Pinterest Manager service currently: Pinterest Ads management!


Growing organically in the online space is becoming increasingly difficult. With the algorithms changing like the leaves, more and more business owners are leaning into the digital ads space and diversifying their marketing dollars.

Additionally, Pinterest Ads are an untapped market for A LOT of industries. While the cost of Meta Ads continues to increase, business owners are looking for other options that can get them better results. If I had a penny for every time a client said they were shifting dollars to Pinterest because they were over Facebook…🤯

Pinterest ads management is my FAVORITE service to offer as a Pinterest manager! Last year, I took a good hard look at what was bringing in the most profit inside my business vs. what was weighing me down. 

Hands down, Pinterest Ads Management won out over every other service I offered. Want to know why?

Online advertising is a highly sought after discipline. Which means those who master this craft, can charge a premium for their services. And specifically with Pinterest, because of the way the ads algorithm works, it takes less time to manage ads than organic management (on Pinterest).

More money + Less time = More profit 

More money on the bank + less time at your computer = more time to do all the things you love.

Focusing solely on Pinterest Ads clients allowed me to take 45 days of vacation last year!

I’m so passionate about what offering this service has allowed for my family that I created a guide to help you do the same! Check it out below!

Benefits of Niching as a Pinterest Manager

Early on in my Pinterest marketing journey, I pretty much said yes to everything. And there were some definite pros and cons to this:


  • I was able to learn A LOT about each specific service offering when it comes to Pinterest
  • I was able to book out my services quickly 
  • I was able to learn about what services I enjoyed and which ones were not really my jam


  • BURN OUT! By saying yes to everything, I burnt out quickly
  • I was working ALL. THE. TIME. Which was NOT my goal when I started my business. I needed more time and flexibility for my family, and this was non-existent at the time
  • There was no room to scale. By saying yes to so many different things, I effectively prohibited myself from scaling because just wasn’t anymore time in the day
  • I was taking on clients who I knew were out of alignment, which caused undue stress 

By niching into one service, Pinterest Ads management, it simplified everything! 

  • Marketing became easier because I could focus on ONE topic instead of the 4 different packages I had to offer
  • Because Pinterest ads is a premium service, and it was the only thing I was offering, my revenue and profit grew exponentially
  • I became a go-to in the Pinterest ads space
  • I finally had more white space in my calendar and could be there for my family even more

Essentially, niching into one service gives you one consistent message and simplifies many aspects of your business. Ever hear the phrase, “Simplify to Scale”? It’s 1000% true! 

The riches are in the niches, my friend!

How much money does a Pinterest Manager or Pinterest ads manager make?

If you are offering Pinterest Ads management, $1000 per month should be your baseline! Remember, this is a PREMIUM service and your prices should reflect that.

At $1000 minimum, just 5 clients and you’re hitting $5k per month! Only want 4 clients? Then price your services at $1,250.

If you’re brand new and starting out as a Pinterest manager for organic marketing, your packages can be priced anywhere from $650-$850+/monthly depending on the deliverables in your package offering.

How to become a Pinterest Manager or Pinterest Ads Manager without any experience?

The first step is to start learning! You can do so without even leaving this website 🙂

Pinterest Mini-Course

Pinterest Boost Blueprint  – Learn exactly how to master Pinterest SEO and keywords in order to optimize your Pinterest profile and ensure your content or products show up in the right search results every single time.

Blog Posts to start with

Short and Sweet Videos

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Ready to learn even more about becoming a Pinterest Ads Manager?

Grab The Essential Guide to Becoming a Pinterest Ads Manager and get started!

Inside this FREE guide, I will teach you what you need to know about being a sought after Pinterest Ads Manager and answer FAQ’s. I’ll also tell you common mistakes to avoid PLUS the most lucrative client niches for Pinterest Ads Management and where to find them!

Take the first step towards financial and time freedom and grab this guide today!