How to become a Pinterest Manager without any experience

A while back I decided that after almost 20 years, my regular 9-5 job was no longer appealing. I was tired of working for someone else’s dream so I began to scour the internet, looking for something I could do from home. After stumbling upon a few blogs, I learned about all the things you could do as a virtual assistant and thought, I can totally do that and specialize in Social Media!! So I began researching even more and realized “social media” is VERY broad. I would need to learn ALL THE THINGS for ALL the platforms. It was a little overwhelming but I needed to start somewhere so I created a Skillshare account and saved some classes I thought might help me learn some new skills. This is where I found a Pinterest course from Peg Fitzpatrick and realized this little platform that I had been saving recipes and home decor on, was actually a MARKETING platform. And a darn good one at that! People were using Pinterest to market their businesses and low and behold, they were HIRING people to manage this process! Getting paid to play on Pinterest? Yes, please! And that’s where my desire to have my OWN Pinterest Business began. 

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Pinterest business: is this a real thing??

After doing more research, I learned that there really are people who want to hire a Pinterest manager! While I knew how to use Pinterest and the basics of Pinterest Marketing, I had no idea where to start when it came to starting my Pinterest business or what Pinterest manager services to offer. 

While searching for a Pinterest manager course (on Pinterest, duh!), I stumbled upon How to become a Pinterest VA Today. While the course offered modules on the basics of Pinterest (which I felt I already knew), it offered several things that other courses did not, like how to set up your business successfully and the steps to finding clients and managing their accounts. 

PVA course 

So let’s recap. I finally realized I wanted to start a Pinterest business, managing other business accounts, and I had a basic understanding of Pinterest and Pinterest marketing.  Outside of that, I was completely clueless on how to become a  Pinterest manager for OTHER people or how to start and manage my business. I needed Pinterest manager training!. 

Not gonna lie, it took me at least two months to decide to purchase this course! The price was something I had to work through, but I finally came to realize that if I didn’t take leap, I would continue to delay. SO, I took messy action (I didn’t even have a website yet!), hit that “purchase now” button, and never looked back. What some people don’t realize is that BECAUSE of the price, I was more invested than ever to earn BACK that money. I completed the course in about two weeks (while still working my 9-5), signed my first client within a month and earned back my entire investment in 3 months! It can be done!

What you’ll learn from the course

  1. Pinterest, Tailwind and Canva tech training
  2. What services you can offer as a Pinterest Manager
  3. How to package and price your services (this was the ticket for me!)
  4. How to cold pitch potential clients (email templates included)
  5. How to onboard your new client (onboarding template included)
  6. That I didn’t need all the things to begin (like a website!)

What I love the most is that once you’re a student, you get lifetime updates to the course for FREE. So when Pinterest makes changes and they update the course, you’re already in. I refer back to the course all the time for continued learning!

Pinterest Manager Services 

I wanted to detail out some of the services you can offer as a Pinterest Manager. I think this was a big misconception for me. I originally thought overall account management was all I would be doing, but MAN was I wrong! All of these services can be offered as a SEPARATE, one off service OR you can package some of them together, i.e. Pinterest AND Tailwind account set up.

  1. Pinterest account set up
  2. Tailwind account set up
  3. Pin design
  4. Pin description writing
  5. SEO Research
  6. Account Audit
  7. Monthly Maintenance

This list only scratches the surface. I’ve seen Pinterest managers charge for image searches (for pin creation) and even account management training for the DIYer. Pin design not your thing? You don’t have to offer it! Ultimately, it’s your business and it’s all up to you!

Take messy action and start today!

This course gave me the confidence I needed to get my Pinterest business up and running. If you’re still not sold, read some of the other success stories and watch the videos. After I saw so many amazing women seeing stellar results, I knew it could be done. 

I absolutely LOVE being a Pinterest Manager and having a business that is my OWN – and you can have that too! These days, there is no need to be stuck in an unfulfilling 9-5. Stop working for someone else’s dream and build your own!

Bottom line: you can scour the internet for weeks, or even months, and MAYBE find what you need to start your business. OR, you can purchase this course, have all the necessary tools in one place, and get started ASAP on building your Pinterest business. If you’re ready and willing to work hard to get through the material so you can start earning back your investment, then investing in this program is the right decision! 

More questions? Don’t hesitate to drop me a line and ask!