Make Pinterest Marketing EasyIf you’ve spent any time around my website or this blog, you know that one of my core beliefs is that marketing your business as an online entrepreneur shouldn’t be an uphill battle. Which is exactly one of the reasons why I started specializing in Pinterest marketing to begin with! In a line-up of platforms, Pinterest just stands out to me. 


Well, mainly because of the evergreen factor. A post on IG or FB may receive engagement for up to 48 hours but you’re content on Pinterest lives on FOREVER. Plus, Pinterest is a search and discover, traffic driving platform. If you’re goal is to get people to your website to sell them something, Pinterest makes far more sense IMO.

But I get it. There are SO many platforms out there. And if you’re still a solo-preneur, it’s impossible to be everywhere at once (if you’ve somehow figured this out, please let me know!). 

Which is why I aim to make Pinterest Marketing EASY. It doesn’t NOT have to be hard or take you 2 hours everyday, all month just to get visible. 

Keep reading for my top 3 tips for making Pinterest Marketing EASY.


Upfront Planning

We’ve all heard about batching when it comes to content creation, right? Do all your writing, then your editing, then your image creation, etc. Batching similar tasks together rather than jumping from step to step will ultimately save you time in the future. Also, batching in general will save you time as you won’t be wasting precious minutes everyday trying to post on the fly!

When it comes to Pinterest, I also like to batch. But before we get to that, there’s the pre-work. The pre-work is what will save you loads of time when it comes to your Pinterest marketing plan and the pre-work I’m talking about is:

  • Keyword research
  • Pre-writing your pin titles
  • Pre-writing your pin descriptions

Having this work done and saved in a master template will save you HOURS in future pinning. This way, you won’t be trying to think of a clever pin description every time you sit down to upload your pins!


I just launched a program called Pinterest Plan on a Page where I show you the exact steps that go into the pre-work phase, plus how to do things like keyword research, keyword organization and ultimately content organization. We created an actual “Plan on a Page” for your monthly Pinterest marketing tasks. You can learn more about it by clicking the image below!!


Pinterest Plan on a Page


I’m an ESFJ and Enneagram 3. If you know anything about these personality types, then you know they indicate that I love a good process or system (and they’re 100% correct). I have a process and system for everything in my business.

And the same needs to be true when it comes to your Pinterest marketing. Creating images and pinning when you have time, won’t do much for your overall success. Pinterest likes consistency.

The more consistent you are, the more the algorithm will recognize you, the more they will show your content. The more they show your content, the more people can engage which means they show your content even more – see how that works?

But in order to be consistent you need a process to help you do so. I’ve built mine out in Asana but you will need to determine things like:

  • When will I review analytics from the previous month?
  • When will I decide what content/products to focus on/pin design each month?
  • When will I do pin design and how many will I do at a time?
  • When will I schedule/post my pins?

Determining these aspects and adding them to your calendar will help you create your overall process that can be repeated each month.


Pin Templates

This is probably my top time saving hack, so essentially, I’m saving the best for last:)

In order to make your Pinterest marketing easy, you MUST have pin templates created for your business! Having templates already created makes batching your pin design a quick and easy task rather than an overall time suck.

I am not a graphic designer, nor do I play one on TV 🙂 So sitting down with Canva open to a blank canvas is not my idea of fun. But what I do for my clients’ businesses, as well as my own, is take the time at the very beginning, to design 10-20 templates that I can use each month, varying the image and text (and in some cases, the color) to create my monthly pin designs. 

Does it take me a bit to design the original templates, sure. But once they’re done, it’s off to the races.



As a bonus in my Pinterest Plan on a Page program, I give you access to 15 free standard pin templates, a whole section on how to make them your own with your personal branding PLUS a video training on how to design 5 pins in 5 minutes! Click here to access >> > Pinterest Plan on a Page

I hope this quick post has shown you 3 quick ways that you can make your Pinterest marketing easy! I break down each of these 3 tactics inside of Pinterest Plan on a Page and also give you the step-by-step breakdown for how to accomplish each one. Plus, of course, you get the actual Plan on a Page – what you need to do each month to keep the process going and see success on Pinterest. 

Check out the full details here, or message me to learn more!