How to use Pinterest as business coach, Summit Virtual Solutions. If you're a business coach who's ready to scale by finding more clients then you need to be using a traffic generator like Pinterest! Check out this post on how to use Pinterest as a business coach in order to increase website traffic, email list and revenue!

As a business coach, your biggest goal is growth. Amiright? You need to gain leads and email subscribers in order to make sales. So you create all the content to attract your ideal client: freebies, digital products, blog posts about your services. ALL. THE. CONTENT.

But guess what? You can’t achieve this growth if no one is seeing your offer. And how do they see your offer? Traffic generation. You need traffic and eyes on your freebies, digital products and services in order for them to convert. 

Yes, there are 100’s of ways to do this – you can do Lives and post videos in your group, chat in the DM’s and…..

You guessed it.


Pinterest is a search engine and visual traffic generator. It is DESIGNED to get people off the Pinterest platform and to your specific piece of content. 

If we break it down, if we look at each piece of content and how can we use Pinterest to reach your clients and your end goals of leads, email subscribers and SALES, you want to promote the content that houses those products, offers and freebies. Let’s take a look at each type of content and how you can reach clients with Pinterest.


If you have a podcast, this is a great way to grow your audience and get email subscribers. And pinning podcast links to Pinterest can help significantly to drive that growth. But what’s the best way to do this? There are a few actually:

  • Create pinnable images that lead to your podcast
  • Use pinnable audiograms that lead to podcast 
  • You can create a video pin, showing the audio snipit (or video of you if you video record your podcast) and send that traffic to the specific episode

Podcast promotion isn’t new to Pinterest, but it’s still very much growing. I’ve found some of my favorite podcasts just by searching for a specific topic, not knowing I would find an audible solution! And most times, I end up consuming ALL of that person’s podcast because it is all relevant to what I’m looking for!

Landing Pages

As a business coach, you likely have a landing page for your freebies, mini-offers or group challenges. In addition to pinning to your podcast, another way to get clients is to pin directly to your landing page!

To send readers from Pinterest, you need to create a pin image (I love Canva!) showcasing your freebie/product/service/challenge then use the URL that directs readers straight to the landing page. 

If they’ve clicked through, they’re interested in your content and now you’ve made it super easy for them to find it. Plus, this is two-fold: you’re growing your email subscribers and gaining potential leads! 

Blog Posts

If you’re a business coach that shares their content via a blog, then this one’s for you!

Pinterest loves blogs! Your posts about your services, products and freebies are an easy way to increase traffic to your offers. And there are a few ways to get the most bang for your buck

Multiple pin images that lead to that post

Pinterest loves fresh, new images. This means a new image or title that can lead to 1) either a new blog post or 2) a blog post that has been shared to Pinterest before. 

For each blog post, try creating 5-10 pin images to increase your reach across the platform. Then, each month, check your analytics for your top performing articles and then create 2-3 more images for those. The more fresh new pins you have, the greater the distribution across Pinterest.

Break Down Your Blog Post

If you’re article is titled, “Top 5 ways to Use Pinterest as a Business Coach”,  then you can create pins for the post that are titled with each tip. 

For example, if tip one is “Send traffic to your Podcasts”, then you can create a pin image with this specific title, then create 4 more for the additional tips. And if you want to get EXTRA saucy, you can create MULTIPLE pin images for each tip! 


As a business coach, you want to get the most eyes on your offer. Another way to do this through Pinterest is by driving traffic to your services. 

Traffic directly to your services page

You can direct pinners directly to your services pages by creating different pin images for each service. Pull on the pain points your clients are experiencing and include those as potential titles for your pin images. Also be sure to include these keywords in your pin description!

Direct pinners to your funnel

To really convert your audience, you need to warm them up. The best way to do this is to send them through your sales funnel. To do this, direct your traffic to your juiciest blog posts that promote your free offer and mailing list, then get them in your sequence!


If you’re a business coach who creates courses, this is a no brainer! Here, you’ll want to do the same thing as in the last section: send traffic directly to your course page OR direct them to your funnel.

Types of Pins

Try creating a variation of pin types to get more eyes on the content that promotes your courses:

Design multiple pin images that lead to course page

Design video pins that lead to course page

Try a carousel pin to send people to the content promoting your course

Your Main Engagement channel

Try promoting your main engagement channel! For instance, if you engage most with potential clients on Instagram, find your content there that markets the course and create pins that lead to that post. 

I LOVE doing this because it gives your audience an opportunity to  get to know you through your Instagram feed. It’s another way to warm them up before you offer them the course.

As you can see, there’s no one-size-fits-all for how to use Pinterest as a Business Coach….which is another reason why I love this platform so much. There’s always variety and by understanding and knowing your audience, you’ll be able to determine which way works best for you! 

If you’re a coach who is serious about increasing their website traffic but perhaps don’t have the time to focus on it, check out my services page to see if there’s a way we can partner! I love helping entrepreneurs grow and scale by implementing Pinterest strategies that are designed for their unique goals.