When you become an Instagram Influencer, your initial area of expertise is, well, Instagram! But what if I told you, that an Instagram Influencer’s content is perfectly primed for Pinterest?

Pinterest is a search engine and visual traffic generator. It is DESIGNED to get people off the Pinterest platform and to your specific piece of content.

If we break it down, if we look at each piece of content and how can we use Pinterest to reach your clients and your end goals of affiliate sales, Instagram followers, and email subscribers, you want to promote the content that houses those products and offers. Let’s take a look at each type of content and how you can reach clients with Pinterest.

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How to use Pinterest as an Instagram Influencer

Blog Posts

One of the easiest ways to grow your reach as an Instagram Influencer is by utilizing your blog. And Pinterst loves blogs! Plus, as an influencer, you have the good fortune of having a lot of images at your fingertips!

Why is this important?

In early 2020, Pinterest came out and said that research shows that users tend to engage more with content and images that are NEW to Pinterest, meaning they have not been pinned on the platform before. Because of this, they are now placing a higher priority in the search feed on content that was new and fresh.

  • New content = new URL and new image, never before pinned on Pinterest
  • Fresh content = old URL (or a URL that has been pinned on Pinterest before) and a NEW image

So the more vertical images you have in your blog post, the more pins you will have available to pin on Pinterest for that one piece of content, providing more of the FRESH content that Pinterest likes!

For each blog post, try to use as many vertical images of yourself as you can. This makes it VERY easy for 1) visitors to pin directly from your website to their Pinterest page and 2) it gives you the ability to add multiple pins for the same post to Pinterest.

Break Down Your Blog Post

Another way to increase the availability of new and fresh images for your blog posts is to break them down. For instance, if your article is titled, “Top 5 Things to do in NYC”,  then you can create pins for the post that are titled with each activity.

For example, if activity one is “Visit the Empire State Building”, then you can create a pin image with this specific title, then create 4 more for the additional activities.

And if you want to get EXTRA saucy, you can create MULTIPLE pin images for each tip!

“Shop” Page on your Website

If you’re an Instagram Influencer,, there’s a good chance you have a “favorites” page on your website, or maybe even “shop my Instagram” with pictures and links of your products. If so, this is a page you can pin directly to on Pinterest.

  1. Create a pin image with the different products on your shop/favorites page
  2. Create a pin title and description (include keywords for your image and products)
  3. Upload to Pinterest
  4. Link to your “Favorites” page
  5. Share to your most relevant boards

Instagram Feed

Yes, you can pin your Instagram content! For more on how you can do this, read my article on how you can grow your Instagram account with Pinterest.

Since your Instagram feed is FULL of photos, again, it’s perfectly primed for the new and fresh pin images that Pinterest prefers!

One of the ways I do this for clients is by opening their Instagram page on my computer and pinning straight from their account page. Downloading and using the Pinterest Chrome extension makes this super easy.

The second way I do this is by using Tailwind. In Tailwind you can actually add your Instagram account to your Pinterest publisher page and schedule out Instagram content directly to your Pinterest!

PRO TIP: When pinning and/or scheduling your Instagram content to Pinterest, be sure to update your caption/pin description. Since SEO and keywords are so important, you want to make sure you’re using the right words to target your audience. This ensures your pin will get found by the right people. Also, use hashtags, but generally a maximum of 5 will do the trick.


When you have so many images to use, your options for pin creativity are much greater! Did you know there are 5 different pin types on Pinterest? Yep, it doesn’t have to be a single image anymore. As in Instagram Influencer, try some of these different pin types for your content (I’ve included samples links for each type!):

As you can see, there’s no one-size-fits-all for how to use Pinterest as an Instagram Influencer….which is another reason why I love this platform so much. There’s always variety and by understanding and knowing your audience, you’ll be able to determine which way works best for you! If you want to learn more about making money on Pinterest as an Influencer, check out this post!

If you’re an Influencer ready to scale your affiliate sales and visibility on Pinterest but no time to focus on the nitty gritty, drop me a line or check out my services page to see if there’s a way we can partner to accomplish your goals!