My biggest time saving Pinterest hack!


We are ALL strapped for time these days. And it seems we’re constantly berated with ads or promos for anything under the sun that could save us time or make us more efficient (trust, I’ve probably tried them all!) But when it comes to marketing your business, some may need a Pinterest hack in order to save time yet be as efficient as possible.

In today’s post, I’m sharing my top time-saving Pinterest hack to help you shave off a few minutes when it comes to your Pinterest marketing efforts

Top Time Saving Pinterest Hack

PIN TEMPLATES! This may not seem like rocket science but you wouldn’t believe how many client’s I work with that have never used pin templates in their Pinterest marketing. 

When you have a set of pin templates already created in Canva (or any other design program you may use), the overall design process becomes much easier and much faster to complete.

In fact, this time saving Pinterest hack doesn’t just save you time, it ultimately allows you to batch create pins for your content or products.

Let’s look at a few examples or a possible workflow with pin templates.

  • Design 5 pins for Content A
  • Pick 5 pin templates from your template set
  • Add photos to all 5 pins
  • Add text to all 5 pins
  • Adjust any text or alignment to all 5 pins
  • Download pins

I have a whole module dedicated to how you can do pin design this way in my program, Pinterest Plan on a Page! Plus, I teach you how to create 5 pins in just 5 minutes!

See below for a quick video sneak peak from the pin design module!


Now, Pinterest Plan on a Page doesn’t just teach you how to save time with pin design. It shows you how to implement an entire Pinterest marketing plan and process without wasting hours upon hours each month! 

Learn more by clicking the image below!

Pinterest Plan on a Page

OK, now you know my biggest time saving Pinterest hack! Do you have one that’s different? If so, drop me a line or share yours below!

Because we all need a few more minutes in the day 🙂