YOU know you need to be marketing your business on Pinterest but as business owners, it seems we’re always strapped for time. And with attention spans continuing to shrink, the action we take in our business must be effective and above all, time efficient. And that’s what I want to help you with today – a no fuss, time effective Pinterest marketing plan that will help you stay consistent AND see results.

My Pinterest Marketing Time Hack Method

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Y’all, we are BUSY.  business owner, wife, mom, PTA president….we’re ALL short on time these days, so when it comes to marketing your business you need efficiency and effectiveness. I look for ways to be more in control of my time ALWAYS. Which is why I created the method I want to teach you today.

The key thing I want to get across?

You. Must. Plan. Plan your content, your images, your keywords and more. And when you have a plan, and do a little bit of pre-work, it makes staying consistent that much easier. And Pinterest LOVES consistency. 

And that’s really the gist of My Pinterest marketing time hack method. This method includes 4 key categories. Let’s jump in

Keyword Research

If you’ve been around this blog for a while, you know that keyword research is the FIRST thing I do when working with a new client inside my Pitnerest marketing agency. Without knowing what keywords to use, we can’t optimize our profile, write board descriptions, pin titles, pin descriptions… heck we won’t even know what text to use on our pin images. Knowing your keywords is the foundation to our Pinterest success. Which is why, this is the first step in my Pinterest time hack method.

Doing keyword research upfront for all of your content, products or services will help your efficiency and save loads of time in the future. I keep a spreadsheet with keywords for all of my content and product topics and I do the same thing for all of my clients, so this way when I need to write pin titles or pin descriptions, I already know what keywords to use and I’m not wasting time doing research every single time I post a new pin.

Content Aggregation Sheet

The content aggregation sheet is where we store ALL of our content or products. What’s included in this sheet? For every single piece of content or product, we have a column for the URL, the pin title, and the pin description. Now that we know our keywords, and have all of our content in one place, we can easily batch write our pin titles and pin descriptions. 

Talk about time savings! Having all of this information at your fingertips when it comes time to schedule those pins means it’s really just a matter of copy and paste rather than spinning your wheels trying to write something new each time.

Side note: inside my mini-course, Pinterest Plan on a Page, I go into a bit more detail on how to use the content aggregation sheet plus, I give you access to the exact template I use inside my business as well as for all of my clients. If you’re keen to learn a bit more about that program, click the image below to learn more!

Pin Templates / Pin Design

The 3rd step in my Pinterest time hack method is the one thing that SO many people get hung up on and that’s pin design. We sit down at our computer, open Canva to a blank template and immediately we’re frozen. And if you’re anything like me, design is not really your thing which means we could waste HOURS trying to design the perfect image with the right text and colors.

So to alleviate this and save even more time, we must start with pin templates. When we can pre-design 10-20 pin templates, already created with our branding colors and fonts in mind, when we sit down to design our pins, it’s simply a matter of adding images and the correct text. 

So going full circle here, this is where the content aggregation sheet comes back into play. I make sure to have that open as I’m designing pins so I can 

1) know what I’m designing for 

2) keep track of what templates I’m using for each piece of content.

In Pinterest Plan on a Page, I give you 15 pin templates as a bonus but as part of the program, I show you how you can use these templates to create 5 pins in just 5 minutes. Trust me, this is easily worth it for the time savings!

Save Time with Pinterest Marketing

Now that we’ve done our keyword research, created our content aggregation sheet, pre-written our pin titles and descriptions and designed our initial pin templates, the hard part is over.

The final piece of the puzzle for my Pinterest Time Hack Method is to add your Pinterest marketing tasks to your calendar so you can complete them monthly. 

Since we’ve already taken care of a large part of what most people get hung up on, your monthly plan should be as simple as:

  1. Updating your content aggregation sheet which means writing pin titles and descriptions for any NEW content or products
  2. Designing your pins for the month
  3. Scheduling your pins for the month

AND THAT IS IT. This should take you less than 4 hours per month to complete. Can you say that you only need to spend 4 hours per month on Instagram in order to grow? I doubt it!

Final Thoughts

You know I sometimes think Pinterest gets a bad wrap because business owners can’t wrap their head around what they need to do. And it really does boil down to having a plan of action. A plan to help you achieve your goals. If you’re ready to go even further and really implement a plan of action for how Pinterest can fit into your marketing plan, definitely check out Pinterest Plan on a Page-a no fluff, easy to follow system that tells you what to do first in order to save loads of time later!