Here’s the truth. You know you need to be using Pinterest to drive consistent traffic to your offers, but as a time poor entrepreneur or business owner, how do you fit it in? Well I’m glad you’re here b/c in this post I’m going to share with you the one thing you can do on Pinterest today that will give your account an instant boost. Let’s dive into all things Idea Pins!


Using Idea Pins to See Instant Results on Pinterest


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As business owners in this online space, we wear a lot of hats. 


Algorithm changes on all the platforms has us spending more time creating more content that might be seen and engaged with. 


And that’s where Pinterest stands out. Your content lasts longer. And it stays searchable for far more than 48-72 hours, and engagement only grows.


But how do we fit it in and where do we start if we don’t have a lot of time?


How to see Instant Results on Pinterest


If you’ve spent time on Pinterest, or researching the platform, you may have heard of a somewhat new pin type called Idea Pins. They’re similar to IG stories but instead of disappearing after 24 hours, they stick around. Forever!


Idea pins are designed to teach and inspire. And Pinterest has invested a lot of money in Idea pins sooo, they aren’t going away anytime soon. 


Right now, similar to Instagram and Reels, you’re being rewarded in the algorithm for using them. 


Using Idea pins both personally and for clients, has been a game changer. And unlike other platforms, you don’t need to be posting these daily. Even using Idea Pins just once per week, or a few times per month, has shown to drive both impressions and engagement significantly. 


If you’re short on time, this is the ONE thing you can do on Pinterest to start seeing results fast. Plus, if you’re someone who’s already creating Reels on IG, carousel posts or maybe you teach on your Stories, that can all be repurposed into a Pinterest Idea Pin.


Wanna see actual results? Take a look at the images below:




The first image shows impressions on my content from June 2022 to August 2022. During this time, there were no Idea pins posted, nor was I pinning regularly to Pinterest.


Starting in September, I started sharing Idea pins 2-3 times per week for the entire month. 


As you can see in the second image, impressions began to increase!


I need to point out here that these results are ONLY from what was happening organically.


In October, I shared a few Idea pins, but less regularly. Impressions dipped a bit, but then you see they started to take off again in November.


I also want to take note of 2 very important things here:


  1. During this time, I was NOT regularly pinning or scheduling standard pins. I was ONLY saving Idea pins
  2. During November and December, I was not posting ANYTHING, yet impressions were still increasing


This tells me that 1) the algorithm is still favoring idea pins and 2) rather than engagement dwindling after 48 hours, it only continues to grow! In fact, the numbers on this Idea pins only compounded over time.


Are Idea Pins the new Standard on Pinterest?


As I mentioned before, Idea pins are not going away. And with results like these, we most definitely need to be embracing them! 


PLUS, in late 2022, Pinterest announced that LINKS were coming to Idea Pins! We asked and they delivered. As of today’s date, Idea Pin links are rolling out to user accounts! Not everyone has access yet, but be sure to check your account to see if you’re one of the lucky ones!


If you have questions about Idea Pins, or would like to see a future training, leave them down in the comments below.


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I’ll see you next time with more tips to make Pinterest marketing easy. Happy pinning!