You’ve heard the Pinterest benefits and how it can be used to drive traffic to your website, your freebies and your offers. You’ve also heard about the importance of using the right keywords for Pinterest SEO.

Since Pinterest is a visual search engine, using the right keywords is vital for Pinterest SEO and 100% necessary if you want your content to be seen. 

 But how do you connect the dots?

If you’ve tried implementing different keyword techniques and still aren’t seeing a lot of traffic, you’re not alone! Understanding SEO can be difficult if you’re not a computer whiz, so Pinterest SEO may seem like a whole different level! I was right there with you when I started. But once it all clicked, it was off to the races!

When you understand Pinterest SEO and how keywords work, you can optimize your account, target your ideal audience and send regular traffic to your website, email list and offers. All on auto-pilot.

Understanding Pinterest SEO and Keywords

I recently had the opportunity to speak in Mary Kate Gulick’s Facebook Group, The Real Deal Experts Creating Content on this topic. Mary Kate teaches her students how to focus on one social media platform when starting their business rather than trying to master all things at once.

In this training, I cover the following:

  1. Three keys to success on Pinterest
  2. What keywords are
  3. How keywords work on Pinterest
  4. The role of your website
  5. How to do keyword research
  6. Where to use keywords on your Pinterest profile
  7. Keywords and Pinterest boards: why they’re important


By the end of this video, you will have a thorough understanding of how keywords work and exactly how to implement them on your profile to target your ideal customer. I hope you enjoy!

If at the end of this video, you’re still struggling to pull the pieces together and implement the proper Pinterest SEO for your niche, why not consider hiring an expert?! 

Keyword research and Pinterest SEO optimization is part of all 3 of my Pinterest packages! Whether you’re the DIY’er that wants to do it yourself, but need an expert to guide you, or you’re looking for full monthly management to step up your Pinterest game with real traffic and sales (The Summit and The Everest), I’ve got a package designed specifically for your needs.

Questions? Let’s chat!