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Are you currently dreaming of a way to work from home?

A career that doesn’t require you to start an MLM, sell affiliate products or have a million IG followers? AND allows you the freedom to work less while still making $5k++ per month? 

If you answered YES, then you need to join me inside Pinterest Ads Manager Academy!

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Setting up your business

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About Me

Who am I?

Hey! I’m Erica, an 18 year hospitality sales and marketing veteran with a passion for service! After my boys were born I knew there had to be more to life than the commute, cube-life, work, commute again lifestyle.

One day, my CEO blamed ME for a huge mistake she made. And I decided, never again. Never again would I work for someone else’s dream!

As horrible as it was, it was the fire I needed to finally create a better career for my life. Because no one else was going to.

I started my Pinterest Marketing business as a side hustle and in just 5 months, I said buh-bye to my 9-5 and was working full time FOR MYSELF!

And now I have more freedom, flexibility and income than I ever could have imaged.

And I want the same for you! Can’t wait to see you inside Pinterest Ads Manager Academy!