The Client

Today’s Pinterest Ads case study is about a client in the health and nutrition niche. And while this client will remain anonymous, I can tell you that their products are amazing! They are the makers of high quality, vegan protein powder, protein shakes, protein cookies, supplements and more. Their mission is to help support health and fitness goals by sourcing premium ingredients and using as few of them as possible while also being transparent with the consumer so you know exactly what you’re getting.

The Goal: Increased Sales and ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

When I first started working with this client, they were coming off some poorly run ads with a large agency. They had little, if any, return on their overall ad spend, and my review of the campaigns show very little conversions.

Their overall goal when it came to Pinterest was to utilize Pinterest ads to increase their sales while also seeing a return on their overall investment (i.e. ROAS). 

The Solution: Pinterest Conversion Campaign + Pinterest Catalog Campaign

The strategy I created for this brand was to leverage 3 things in total:

  1. Pinterest Conversion Campaign to a large, cold audience
  2. Pinterest Catalog Campaign with a dynamic retargeting audience 
  3. The time of year that these campaigns were launched, late December

The Pinterest Conversion campaign to the large audience was designed to help us find our target. The Pinterest algorithm does a good job at finding your audience. You do this in campaign settings with interests and keywords. After a few weeks of running (yes, weeks!) we had a pretty good idea of our target.

Pinterest Catalog campaigns are campaigns that use the businesses catalog that has been previously uploaded to Pinterest. So there is no pin design or ads designed for this campaign – it simply uses the images that are uploaded for your catalog. In this instance we used dynamic retargeting for our audience. In other words, this was a warm audience, people who had previously visited the website or added items to their cart. 

And lastly, the time of year for the launch. We all know how often new year’s resolutions are health related! Also, since Pinterest is a search and discovery platform, we know that searches for “new year, new you”, “health and fitness”, “healthy snacks” and so on, are at their PEAK in January. So we wanted to launch early (December) get in front of those searches so that by mid January, when people were ready to buy, they were already familiar with this brand.

The Result: A 6x Return on Ad Spend in 30 days!

The numbers don’t lie! By the end of January, this client was seeing a 6x in overall return on ad spend (i.e. for both campaigns) and had received $13,500+ in total checkout revenue! 

When I started working with this client in December, their previous ad campaigns had a 1.71 return on ad spend with a total checkout revenue of $5,398. We were able to increase overall checkout revenue by over 35%!

It’s important to note that results taken from both the before and after came from a 30 day period.

Specific Ad Stats

  • Conversion Campaign starting budget: $60/day
  • Catalog Campaign starting budget: $10/day
  • Conversion Campaign ROAS after 30 days: 4.46
  • Catalog Campaign ROAS after 30 days: 14.75

In conclusion

If you’ve been around my site for a while, you’ve heard me talk about the basis of Pinterest before. The fact that it is a SEARCH and DISCOVERY platform. And this is what makes running ads here so unique. Pinterest ads are far more likely to convert because people are SEARCHING for it! And that’s what we capitalized on with these campaigns:

  1. Start early: test and get in front of your audience
  2. Retarget and get the sale

This particular case study also proves the validity of the Pinterest Catalog Ad campaign. THEY WORK! Why? Pinners are primed for shopping. They’re coming to the platform to search for inspiration or an idea. And with the dynamic retargeting audience, I think we can see how easy it is to convert a warm audience vs. a cold one!

A note from Erica

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