The Client

Kelly Page is the founder and creator of BlueGrayGal, a lifestyle blog covering travel, home decor, holiday decor, beauty and fashion. Kelly’s over 53,000 Instagram followers love her tips on everything from home decor and remodeling to her luxury fashion tips. You can follow along @bluegraygal

The Problem: More website traffic to convert affiliate offers during the holiday season

Kelly already had a great following on Pinterest and loads of content from years past. When we started working together, she had just over 2.1 million monthly impressions and 9,142 outbound link clicks. 

Impressions September 2021


Outbound Link Clicks September 2021

The goal for the holiday season was to increase overall outbound traffic and also increase sales on her affiliate products that were related to holiday home decor. 

The Solution: Utilizing Pinterest Idea Pins to leverage growth and increase sales

The solution here was also a test 🙂 Pinterest Idea Pins are still fairly new but we knew that when used, they were being distributed more across the platform which increased overall impressions as well as profile views.

While Idea Pins are not clickable (meaning, you cannot click on them and go directly to someone’s website), there is a theory in the Pinterest world that Idea Pins are still increasing website traffic in the following ways:

  1. A user engages with an Idea Pin and then clicks on the “Visit Profile button” on the last Idea Pin slide. From there a users clicks directly on the website link, leaving Pinterest for the owned website
  2. Similar as above, a user engages with an Idea Pin, but due to engagement with this pin, he/she begins to see Kelly’s other standard pins in the home feed, drawing more outbound clicks for the same/similar content

The Process

I knew based on current stats on other client’s Idea Pins that posting at least 2 Idea Pins per week to Kelly’s account should show an increase in overall impressions (i.e. because Idea Pins are being distributed more than standard pins), and the hope here (and the test!) was that we would also see a significant increase in outbound link clicks, or website traffic.

Here’s what we did:

  • We posted at least 2 Idea Pins per week from mid-October through December. 
  • Utilized video on our Idea Pins whenever we could
  • Utilized the new Idea Pin features such as music and product pin stickers (these are stickers where you can link directly to an affiliate product!)

The Result: An increase in overall outbound website traffic and link clicks nearly 2.5x over, in less than 2 months. 

By the end of November we had seen nearly a 5x increase in overall impressions and over a 2.5x increase in outbound clicks! And the best part, Kelly also saw a correlation in affiliate sales.

When I started working with Kelly in September, she was getting around 9,000 link clicks per month to her website. By the end of November, she was getting over 26,000!

Impressions November 2021

Outbound Link Clicks November 2021

You’ll see that by November, we were seeing nearly a 159% over the previous month when it comes to impressions!

In total, from October to December, we posted 20 total Idea Pins. I also want to make sure to point out that Idea Pins weren’t the ONLY part of our strategy. We were still using automation and scheduling up to 10 pins per day. These were a combo of new, fresh and old pins (i.e. old pins from previous years).

Other stats

  • Total Idea Pins = 20
  • Total new follows = 89
  • Total affiliate product clicks – 38

In conclusion

I believe it is safe to say that Idea Pins played a significant part in increasing the overall impressions on ALL content, not just Idea Pins, as well as overall outbound link clicks. But, there were other factors involved that played a part in our strategy. 

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