When it comes to an overall Pinterest strategy, many people are focused on how many times a day to pin, what boards to pin to, and how much of other peoples content to pin. And don’t get me wrong, all of these components are important and should be considered when developing your strategy. But you also can’t forget about your overall pin design!

The actual design of your pin DOES matter. For instance, if it includes loud, bold colors and hard to read text when others in your niche are pinning clean images with limited text, chances are, your pin won’t get many clicks. Individual pin results can also help you tweak your overall strategy.

When creating new pins, it’s important to consider 1) what is your competition doing and 2) your own personal branding.

Today, I’m sharing how focusing on these 2 areas can make a big difference in your overall strategy and success on Pinterest!

Individual Pin Results

The two images below are from Olive and Tate. For these images, I focused on both her branding and colors (clean and simple), as well as the type of pins that pinners are engaging with in her niche. It goes without saying that both of these images are using targeted keywords in the pin title as well as the description. But again, that’s not the only thing to focus on. The pin design matters as well, as we can see here!

Pin design results and numbers         Pin design results and numbers

To date the first pin image has received 15,600+ impressions, 9 saves and 17 link clicks. The second image has 13,820 impressions, 10 saves and 60 link clicks! As of the writing of this post, these images have been on Pinterest for approximately 3 weeks. They will once again become relevant in the future during the holidays and continue to receive engagement!

If you’re ready to connect the dots of your Pinterest strategy with individual pin results like these, then we should chat! I help entrepreneurs grow and scale by implementing Pinterest strategies that are designed for their unique goals. Strategies that get pin results like you see here!