If you’ve read any of my previous blog posts, you know how much I LOVE the numbers! In fact, diving into my client’s analytics and putting the numbers together to create a strategy, is one of my favorite parts of being a Pinterest Manager. I get it, numbers can be overwhelming, especially if you’re unsure what they all mean, but when read correctly, they can guide you to exactly what you need to do next.

So today, I’m diving into numero UNO when it comes to Pinterest analytics, and that’s Link Clicks.

Link clicks show exactly how many times someone clicked on your pin and visited your website. But it’s more than that, link clicks can be a reflection of pin design, keywords, pin title and so much more. Reviewing these numbers can help direct you where to focus next.

The following client results show our link click results in the timeframe given. When we focused on the overall strategy, we were able to garner some great growth results.

Three Month Growth

The client below was an account started from scratch. This image shows the growth in traffic (link clicks) over a 3 month period.

Pinterest Case Study - Link Clicks for Traffic

This is another 3 month example. Pinterest growth doesn’t happen overnight! Which is why, when getting started with Pinterest marketing, it’s best to work at it and stay consistent for at least 6 months. As you can see in these two examples, it took a minimum of 3 months for our strategy to really start working.

TCB-3 month traffic growth

Month Over Month Growth

The following images show month over month link click growth for one of my clients. This is the perfect example of what account optimization, keyword targeting and strategy implementation can do for your Pinterest account!

August 2020

TCB Aug 2020 Link Clicks and traffic growth

September 2020

TCB Sept 2020 Link Clicks Pinterest traffic growth

If you’re ready to increase your Pinterest link clicks and website traffic to generate more leads for your business, then we should chat! I help entrepreneurs grow and scale by implementing Pinterest strategies that are designed for their unique goals. Strategies that get traffic results like you see here!

My packages were created to bring you the traffic, visibility and reach you need in order to grow and scale. Let’s grow together, shall we?