The Client

Bethany Durst is the founder and creator of TheChicBee, a lifestyle blog covering fashion, beauty, travel and home decor for the post-grad millennial woman. Bethany connects with her audience via daily posts and tips on her Instagram page. You can follow along @beedurst

The Problem: Bethany needed more traffic to her website to convert affiliate sales

When Bethany and I originally connected she had a great following on Pinterest. The monthly impressions on her account were well over 1M and her following over 1,600. But drilling down into analytics showed a slightly different outlook.

While overall impressions were over 1M, the actual impressions on her owned content was lower. 

Impressions on Pinterest is the total number of times a user’s pins are shown across the platform. This can be pins shown in the home feed, a search result, or pinned to a board.

Impressions: All Content

Increased Traffic - Pinterest Impressions

Impressions: TheChicBee Content

Pinterest Case Study-Increased traffic-Increased impressions

Bethany’s overall goal was to increase overall traffic to her website (link clicks).

The Solution: Hiring a Pinterest pro with specific experience in keyword optimization, SEO and overall strategy implementation

With Bethany’s goals in mind, I began by implementing the strategic deliverables from my Ascent Pinterest Management package. To start, I got to work on cleaning up her Pinterest profile and implementing targeted keywords for her audience. 

The Process

  • Extensive Keyword research for Bethany’s unique business topics
  • Implementation of these keywords in 6 key areas across her profile
  • Cleaned up her boards (i.e. archive or make secret anything not “on brand”)
  • Implemented a custom pinning strategy unique to her blog

Bethany had a plethora of lifestyle and product images at her disposal. I was able to utilize these images to her advantage when creating her pinning strategy. Additionally, I utilized her images in custom pin image templates designed for TheChicBee.

The next step was to test different pin image designs to determine the style her audience engaged with the most. Based on analytics from the testing, we implemented more pins designed with text, giving her audience more of what they wanted.

Pinterest Case Study-Increased traffic and link clicks   Pinterest Case Study-Increased traffic and link clicks

The Result: An increase in website traffic and link clicks, nearly 9 times over, within 3 months

Link clicks and overall traffic steadily increased and then spiked by the third month, indicating the keywords we were targeting were right on track! Additionally, the pinning strategy we were using was working to send consistent traffic to her website, exactly where she wanted them to land. 

When I started working with Bethany, she was getting around 200 link clicks per month to her website. By month three she was getting almost 2,300!

Impressions: TheChicBee Content Month Three


If you peek back to the first image you’ll again see that before Bethany and I began working together, she had 1.5M account impressions, but this was impressions on ALL content (TheChicBee content and content curated from others). 

The above image shows 2M impressions on TheChicBee content only! This resulted in an increase of 355%!

Impressions on TheChicBee content went from 203k to over 2 million in 3 months.

Her overall goal of increased traffic to her website (link clicks) was achieved as well. The below image shows growth over the course of 3 months. 

Pinterest case study-link clicks

From Bethany herself!

Erica has been a complete pleasure to work with! She has helped me audit and improve my Pinterest account and has helped me reach over 2M views per month during the holiday season. She is extremely professional and organized and ensures that we are always on the same page with goals and progress with her end of month recap reports which are detailed and thorough! I highly recommend Erica if you’re looking to clean up and/or grow your Pinterest account!”

A note from Erica

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