Did you know there are nearly 200 million searches happening on Pinterest, every single day?! And that we, as business owners, have a Pinterest tool available to use to leverage these searches as they relate to our business?


So in this post, I want to share with you the ONE Pinterest tool that you need to be using in your Pinterest marketing strategy. The tool that will help you leverage the searches happening on Pinterest.


The SECRET Pinterest Tool you Need to be Using to Grow

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If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you’d like to take advantage of all those daily searches and get more traffic to your business! I know I’m here for it! 

And the thing is, Pinterest has given us a tool to help us leverage these daily searches which will help us do things like plan our content or marketing promotions for things like Black Friday or the holidays. Know what it is?


What is the Pinterest Trends Tool?

It’s the Pinterest Trends tool!

The Pinterest Trends tool displays a historic view of the top search terms across different regions and countries. You can use it to learn when people start searching for various keywords, to find out what content is popular on Pinterest, and see what’s trending specifically among your audience.

Wait, WHAT?!

Oh yes, I’m serious. Pinterest is actually giving us insight into keywords and topics that are trending, plus we can see WHEN they start trending, meaning when searches start happening for a particular topic and when they peak.

In the video above, I walk you through exactly what this trends tool looks like live, plus how to use it and use the data you’re given to create your Pinterest strategy.


How to Use the Pinterest Trends Tool

In case video isn’t your things, here are a few snapshots

First, log into your Pinterest account, then go to trends.pinterest.com

The main screen will look like this


For our example, let’s say your product is holiday or Christmas gift item. In the search filed, type in Christmas gift.



When you hit “enter”, you will see a graph of sorts with a line representing “Christmas gift”. This line shows you the volume of searches that happened historically for that term!



So, you can see for “Christmas gift”, searches start trending upward in SEPTEMBER! If I were using this to adjust my strategy, then I would start pinning my product, with the keyword term “Christmas gift” in September. 

Then you can see how it starts to peak in October and November. By this point, since you started pinning in September, your content is there and ready to be found. Plus, your audience has been seeing you because you started early, so by the time November gets here, and they’re ready to buy, they’re more likely to convert, because they’ve already seen you!



The above image shows one of my favorite features. When you type in a keyword, Pinterest shows you other similar keywords that are likely to be searched with what you entered.

When you click on one of those keywords, it shows you how searches for each compare for the same time period.

So, in the example above, when I click on “small gift idea”, you can see that there are MORE searches happening at the same time for that keyword phrase than for “Christmas gift”! 

SO, if I were planning out my strategy, I would probably use “small gift idea” in my description and title! 

You can do this with multiple keywords to see how they all compare.


And there it is. The secret tool you need to use in your Pinterest marketing Strategy, the Pinterest Trends tool. Using this tool has truly been a game changer as I create strategies for my Pinterest management clients as well as my own Pinterest marketing strategy. 

Knowing WHEN to lean in to the topics for your business or your content will really give you a leg up on your competition. Because YOU’RE going to be visible at the exact right moment when your audience is searching. 

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Until next time, happy pinning!