When my clients come to me, oftentimes, their number one goal for Pinterest is to grow their email list in order to increase sales. And being a traffic generator, Pinterest can do just that. But it’s not just about sending traffic to a blog post with a free opt-in or download. 

Your Pinterest traffic should be connected to a proper sales funnel. One that takes your customer on a journey and consistently provides them with the next step. 

In this post, I’m breaking down what a Pinterest sales funnel looks like and how understanding your customer journey can get you to your ultimate goal.

Understanding the Pinterest Sales Funnel

The Pinterest Sales Funnel

The Pinterest sales funnel is every step your ideal customer will take from the time they find you on Pinterest until they reach your end goal (email sign up, product purchase or lead). It all starts with finding your pin and being compelled enough to click. The entire process can look like this:

  • Pin
  • Pin click
  • Blog post or landing page
  • Sign up for the freebie or content upgrade
  • Email sequence
  • Purchase or lead

At each stop, tell them what to do next! Lastly, having a call to action at every point will help your customer take the next step and will help you achieve your goal. 

To help you implement your own Pinterest Sales Funnel, I’ve created a step by step guide for how to get started! This free download will teach you what you need to focus on, on Pinterest to get traffic into your funnel, what your landing page should look like, tips for your welcome sequence and how to pitch your offer so that it converts! Download now for free!

Download your free Pinterest sales funnel Roadmap

Setting up your Pinterest Sales Funnel for Success

Understanding your audience

The first step in setting up your sales funnel is to understand your ideal audience. People who are searching on Pinterest are in discovery mode, which means they are searching for an answer to a problem that you or your business can help them solve. 

When using Pinterest to generate leads into the top of your funnel, you must put the pinners needs first.

What are they searching for? What are their interests? What are the exact words they would use to find you? Understanding this will help you to better speak to them.

Pin Design

Once you understand your audience and what they’re searching for, it’s time for pin design. Your pin design is key as this is ultimately the first step people will engage with you in order to enter your sales funnel. The design should be enticing and draw them in so they take the next step and click! 

I like to do a search on Pinterest to see what pins are getting engagement within my clients’ niche. Are they loud and bright or are they muted, neutral and minimal. What’s popular for your niche? Design pins that are going to engage your audience while also keeping your branding in mind. 

To see how understanding your audience and their pin design preference matters, click here for a client case study! P.S. I love using Canva for my pin design!


Keywords are your KEY to being found on Pinterest – pun intended! 

All kidding aside, I like to say, if you’re not optimized, you’re not found. And it’s true. Knowing what keywords to use for your pins, boards, profile and even your website, will help your content reach the home feed or search results of your ideal client. 

I know that SEO and keyword research can be daunting. It can be as simple as thinking of what pinners will type into a search bar when looking for your content. You can search for these words by using the Pinterest or Google search bar and noting the suggested searches.

Once you have a list of relevant Pinterest keywords and keyword phrases, use them in your Pin descriptions, pin titles, on your Pinterest profile and even your website. It all matters!

To learn even more about Pinterest SEO and how keywords work on Pinterest, check out Everything you Need to Know about Pinterest SEO and Keywords.

Your Blog Post or Landing Page

This is where you start the process of converting a cold audience to a warm one. You’ve enticed them with your pin, now it’s time to really give them what they were looking for. 

Give them as much information as possible in order to help solve the problem they were originally searching for. Help them take the next step by introducing your freebie/opt-in/content upgrade/service. 

You want them to think your free content is so good that your paid stuff must be amazing! By convincing them of this, you’ve made their decision to convert even easier. 

Email Sequence

This is the step that so many business owners miss. They pin, put out great content, get people on their email list, but then the process stops. 

This is where we go back to the beginning of the article and talk about understanding our end goal. Now that we’re in their inbox, we have a unique ability to earn that Know-Like-Trust factor. We can help them get to know us and then over the course of several emails, pitch our product or service. It is much easier to convert a warm audience as opposed to a cold one, and setting up an appropriate sequence does just that.

Remember, people are going to Pinterest for inspiration and research. They are already in discover mode which means they want to learn about you – who you are – what makes you different and what you can teach them.

Create your Pinterest Sales Funnel and Start Converting that Traffic!

Creating a Pinterest marketing funnel just makes sense! Your audience is on Pinterest and the beauty of that is that they’re already in research mode. So meet them where they are and give them exactly what they’re looking for. 


If you are ready to grow your email list and increase sales by implementing a sales funnel, or maybe you already have a sales funnel in place, but struggle getting traffic to your website and generating leads into the top, then check out The Pinterest Sales Funnel Roadmap! In this roadmap I show you:

  • Exactly what a sales funnel is, and more importantly what a Pinterest sales funnel is
  • Why a sales funnel is important for your business
  • What the process of creating a sales funnel actually looks like overall
  • The key things you need to focus on, on Pinterest, to get traffic to the beginning of the funnel
  • What your landing page should include
  • Tips for your email welcome sequence
  • How to pitch your offer so that it converts!

Download now for free!

Download your free Pinterest sales funnel Roadmap