4 ways to use Pinterest to grow your Instagram Account, Summit Virtual Solutions. Trying to grow an Instagram audience can be tough when you're just starting out. You need traffic and eyes on your content to gain followers. And Pinterest is the traffic generator you need! Check out this post for 4 ways to use Pinterest to grow your Instagram account.

There are so many ways users can grow their Instagram account. But have you ever thought to use Pinterest to do so? 

Pinterest makes it easy to either pin content from your Instagram account, or helps you track what others may pin from your account. In addition, there are so many ways to repurpose your Instagram content strategically in order to reach more people and today I’m sharing my top 5 ways to use Pinterest to spark that growth!

TIP: Before getting started, you’ll need to make sure to claim your Instagram account on Pinterest which is super simple to do. Go to Edit Profile → Account Settings, then click on Claim. Enter your Insta-handle and you’re ready to go!

Option # 1: Pin directly from Instagram

Pinning directly from your Instagram account is as simple as it sounds, but there are actually a few different ways you can do this. First, make sure you add the Pinterest save button to your internet browser. I use Google Chrome and it’s a super quick download.

  1. Open your Instagram account on a desktop and click on the image you wish to pin. Hover over the image until you see the Pinterest “pin” button. Click on the pin button and save it to the most relevant board
  2. You can schedule your Instagram images via Tailwind. This is my favorite way and is also what I do for my clients. In Tailwind, you’ll want to add your Instagram account to your profile (make sure you’re logged into your account on your desktop). After that, you will have access to your Instagram content and you can schedule those posts via Tailwind like the rest of your content.

PRO TIP: Don’t forget your keywords! Most times our Instagram captions and hashtags are too long for the Pinterest description area. When scheduling these images, I generally update or shorten the caption just a bit and confirm that there are appropriate keywords and hashtags relevant to my client’s audience. 

Option #2: Create Pinterest specific pins for Instagram posts

Part of my job as a Pinterest Manager is to create on-brand pins for my client’s content. This helps the overall look and feel of their account and also provides instant continuity between platforms. So if someone visits their Instagram account, Facebook page or website, there is a trust factor given to their audience simply with a consistent look and feel.

So it’s no surprise that my second tip for using Pinterest to grow your Instagram account is by creating pins that lead directly to your Instagram post! When you create a pin for Pinterest, you can send your audience to the URL of your choosing, including your Instagram account. 

This is a great option if you are teaching and sharing content on your Instagram page or using links here that direct to affiliate posts, opt-ins or online courses.

Option #3 – Pinning to your IGTV Video

Did you know video pins are now a THING on Pinterest? Yep. And a BIG thing at that. According to a recent study, 67% of pinners said that video inspires them to take action. Raise your hand if you like the sound of that!

As IGTV becomes more and more popular, pinning your Instagram video content is another way to get your content seen! The best way to do this is to upload your video intro (between 15-30 seconds is best), then link the video pin to the full IGTV video. Since IGTV is so powerful at sharing your message, this is a really great way for you to gain more Instagram followers.

Option #4 – Create pins for IGTVs & Lives

Now we’re combining tip #2 and #3! In addition to pinning your IGTV video intro, you can create a specific pin for this as well as your live content. One thing I love to do for my clients is create a pin (in their branding, of course) and embed the video clip within the pin image. 

PRO TIP: Don’t forget your keywords! Just because it’s a video and not only an image. Keywords still matter. Keywords ALWAYS matter if you want your content to be seen!


Once you have decided which option you will be using, to get even MORE traction to grow your Instagram followers, share the pins not only to your most relevant boards, but to relevant group boards and Tailwind Tribes as well.

Using group boards and Tailwind Tribes can extend your reach even further and is a no brainer when you’re just starting out. When you create high quality pins with the right keywords for your audience, there is a higher likelihood that they will be seen and shared across the Pinterest platform. More impressions means more opportunity for clicks which is the main metric we’re after.

Pinterest is such an awesome, versatile tool. If you have an online business or are an entrepreneur, it needs to be part of your marketing strategy. It’s not only great at boosting Instagram growth but your blog, your email list and product sales. 

If growing your Instagram account was at the top of your 2020 goals, but you still aren’t quite sure where to start, then check out my services page and let’s see if there’s a way we can partner to accomplish your goals! Instagram growth strategy, blog traffic and sales funnels are just a few of the pieces to the Pinterest strategy I help create for my clients.