Today we’re talking more about my favorite service to offer inside my Pinterest agency (spoiler alert, it’s Pinterest Ads Management!) and deep diving into what a Pinterest Ads Manager is specifically and what he/she does.

If you’re new to the online space, or learning more about Pinterest marketing as a potential service to offer inside your business, I really want to give you insight as to why niching into Pinterest Ads Management can really change the landscape of your business.

Let’s dive in!

What is a Pinterest Ads Manager?

A Pinterest Ads Manager is responsible for the strategic implementation of a client’s Pinterest ad campaigns. This is management of the full advertising strategy that includes the set up, creation, launch and management of the campaigns.

With organic growth drastically changing, more and more businesses are turning to ads, and they’re looking for an expert to manage them successfully.

Did you know: in 2023 business spent over $300 Billion on social media ads and that number is expected to surpass the $400 Billion in 2024! All this to say, THERE IS DEMAND!

What does a Pinterest Ads Manager Do?

Job duties as a Pinterest Ads Manager may look like:

  • Creating the ad account
  • Setting up their Pinterest tag (pixel) for tracking
  • Creating custom audiences
  • Designing ad creatives (don’t let this intimidate you!)
  • Determining overall ad budget
  • Setting up their ad campaign
  • Optimizing their campaign
  • Monthly reporting on campaign performance
  • Maintenance campaign management of long running campaigns
  • Making suggestions that will optimize performance of ad account
  • Depending on your client’s budget, working on behalf of the client, with a Pinterest Ads representative for optimal campaign success

Ultimately, a Pinterest Ads Manager’s duties relate to anything related to the Pinterest ads dashboard and campaign management.

Why Pinterest Ads?

A lot of people ask me – is there really enough demand? Are businesses actually hiring Pinterest Ads Managers?

Short answer: 100%

Longer answer: Nearly half a billion people use Pinterest each month to find inspiration, shop for products and try new ideas. Not to mention, Pinterest is still a highly underrated platform meaning this is still an untapped marketing resource for many businesses.

In a time when Facebook ads are becoming increasingly more expensive and more difficult to optimize, businesses are looking for a way to diversify their marketing dollars. Trust me, if I had a dollar for every time a client came to me because they were over FB ads🤯

Let’s face it. Ads are the future of digital marketing. The demand for ads managers is greater now than it has been even in the last 4 years since I started.

After offering multiple Pinterest marketing packages for over 4 years, last summer I niched down to only Pinterest Ads Management and in doing so, was finally able to scale my business to $10k months and beyond. How?

With online advertising becoming such a highly sought after discipline, this means those who master this craft, can charge a premium for their services.

And specifically with Pinterest, because of the way the ads algorithm works, it takes less time to manage ads than organic management (on Pinterest).

More money + Less time = More profit

More money in the bank + less time at your computer = more time to do all the things you love.

This was exactly how I scaled to 5 figure months. 1 in-demand service that I could charge more for, but overall took less of my time.

I actually created a free masterclass training where I break ALL of this down for you and show you exactly how you can make $5k++ per month, even as a beginner.

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You’ll also learn:

  • The top secret industries and clients who are investing and profiting from Pinterest Ads, the most lucrative niches and how to find them so you can start making money
  • If becoming a Pinterest Ads Manager is right for you
  • The exact path to $5k months

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Niching into Pinterest Ads only as a service really changed the game for me and my family. Before, I had multiple Pinterest marketing packages: organic, Pinterest audits, Pinterest strategy sessions, Pinterest account set ups. It was CONFUSING!

I was also working ALL the time which the exact opposite reason for starting my business to begin with. I wanted more money, more time and more freedom to spend with my family, doing the things we love.

And simplifying my business down to this one, in-demand service offering, has given us just that!

If you’re curios about Pinterest Ads Management, definitely check out the free masterclass training! Or, hit me up on Instagram with your questions. I always reply ❤️

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